Safely Delegating Data Mining Tasks

Qiu, L., Ong, K.-L. and Lui, S.M.

    Data mining is playing an important role in decision making for business activities and governmental administration. Since many organizations or their divisions do not possess the in-house expertise and infrastructure for data mining, it is beneficial to delegate data mining tasks to external service providers. However, the organizations or divisions may lose of private information during the delegating process. In this paper, we present a Bloom filter based solution to enable organizations or their divisions to delegate the tasks of mining association rules while protecting data privacy. Our approach can achieve high precision in data mining by only trading-off storage requirements, instead of by trading-off the level of privacy preserving.
Cite as: Qiu, L., Ong, K.-L. and Lui, S.M. (2006). Safely Delegating Data Mining Tasks. In Proc. Fifth Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM2006), Sydney, Australia. CRPIT, 61. Peter, C., Kennedy, P. J., Li, J., Simoff, S. J. and Williams, G. J., Eds. ACS. 1-7.
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