PhD Scholarships in Australia – Complete Details

It is often said that the one who attains PhD level education in life has climbed the academic mountain in life. It signifies the dedication, perseverance, and hard work made by the person towards their discipline. Fortunately, several universities and organizations are ready to help these future scholars by providing financial aid to them. Thus, this article will cover all the major PhD scholarships programs run by the university/trust to ease such students financially or through other means.

PhD Scholarships for Students 2

CSIRO Scholarships for Research Programs

Under the CSIRO organization, they have a separate unit dedicated to education and research which takes in students to enrich them academically with all the skills they require. CSIRO’s Data61 scholarship provides scholarships to students primarily in the fields of data science and digital. Following, we have mentioned the eligibility criteria and how to apply directions for this research program scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

To be able to apply for the CSIR Scholarship program, make sure you fulfill the given conditions.

  1. The person can be a domestic as well as an international student who is currently residing in the country.
  2. In the case of overseas applicants, they should hold a valid visa to Australia to attain their education.
  3. Applicant must also possess a first-class honors bachelor’s degree in the related research field.
  4. The person should either have applied to an Australian University or should’ve studied for less than 12 months in a PhD program at any Australian University.
  5. Candidate must not possess any other PhD degree.
  6. Should have a willing professor who can supervise throughout the journey.

Steps to Apply

  1. Visit CSIRO Studentships and Scholarships and create your account on the website by pressing on the “my candidate account” on the top right of the page.
  2. After successfully making a profile return to the previous page and scroll down.
  3. After scrolling down a bit, you’ll be able to see various scholarship programs offered.
  4. Click on the desired one, read the given information regarding the scholarship, and press “apply”. Fill out the form using the essential credentials.

To resolve any further queries or doubts visit the CSIRO Industry PhD scholarship program – CSIRO.

Australian Government’s Research Training Program (RTP)

The government of Australia has taken an initiative in the direction of providing scholarships to the research doctorate and research master’s students. The scholarship is offered to both domestic and overseas students who are currently studying under the Australian Higher Education Provider (HEP). Under a program called RTP (Research Training Program). Following, we have given more information on eligibility criteria, how to apply, and the span of the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

To be able to apply successfully for the Research Training Program scholarship, the candidate should meet the following requirements.

  1. The student must be a domestic or an international student studying under a HEP (Higher Education Provider).
  2. The person should not be getting more than 75% of their RTP stipend rate income from an external source which is helping them in both “general living cost” and “undertaking their study.”
  3. In cases where the income is not being used to aid the person in terms of course of study or general living costs. Then, this form of income source will not be taken into account.
  4. Candidate should not be receiving any other equivalent scholarship from the Australian government to offset the Higher Degree Research (HDR) Fees.

How to Apply

There is no unique or separate way to apply for the RTP. The application has to be made directly to a participating university. Students will have to approach the scholarship office of their desired university directly. Thereafter, all the necessary steps, like the selection procedure and shortlisting process of the RTP will be done by the university itself. These are the universities participating.

Span of the Scholarship

The Scholarship depending upon the type, varies in terms of period limit. Here are some of the conditions for different spans of scholarship.

  1. For students undertaking a full-time scholarship, they shall be permitted to use the scholarship for 3-4 years.
  2. And for the ones who will be taking the scholarship for part-time student loans will be given the scholarship for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 years.

Scholarship Grants

The person under this scholarship is entitled to one or more of these benefits.

  1. Reduction in Course Fees
  2. Stipend on cost of living
  3. Allowances will be provided on the ancillary cost of HDRs.

To gather further information on the topic visit Research Training Program Scholarships.

Universities and Other Research Organizations Offering PhD Scholarships

Another way to avail a Ph.D. scholarship is by going through the universities that are offering one of their own. Several research organizations also take in candidates interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in disciplines that suit them. These can have their own set of eligibility criteria so make sure to carefully read the eligibility requirements. Following are some of the universities and organizations listed.

1Enterprise Research Scholarships (ERS)*
2Aboriginal Enterprise Research Scholarship (AERS)
3Joyner Scholarship
4The William T. Southcott Scholarship
5UniSA Connect Outreach Scholarship
6AUFRANDE Project: Cross-reality Robotics in Virtual and Augmented Reality – ENIB/UniSA
7AgriFutures Gary Sansom Scholarship
8APRIntern: PhD Industry Internships
9ATA Scientific Encouragement Award
10Australian Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust: Scholarships
11Australian Building Codes Board Research Scholarship
12Australian Federation of Graduate Women
13Australian Federation of Graduate Women: Canberra Accommodation Bursary
14Australian Grape and Wine Authority Travel Bursaries
15Australian Nurse Teachers Society (ANTS): Research Scholarships
16Australian Rotary Health: PhD Scholarships in Health Research
17Australian Rotary Health: Funding Partner PhD Scholarships EOIs
18Australian Society of Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy: Research Scholarships
19Bushfire CRC
20Cambridge Australia UK PhD Scholarships
21Capstone Editing: Grant for Professional Thesis Editing
22Clare Burton Scholarship
23CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships
24The Data Incubator: Data Science Fellowship
25Dementia Australia Research Foundation: PhD Scholarships
26Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships and Fellowships (for domestic students)
27Foundation for Australian Studies in China: BHP Australia China Scholarship
28Fulbright: PhD Postgrad Scholarship
29Gates Cambridge UK: PhD Scholarships
30German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Research Grants
31Healthy Development Adelaide and Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation PhD Excellence Award
32Heart Foundation: Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Awards
33Heart Foundation: Health Professionals Scholarships
34International Research Scholarship on Primary Snoring
35Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Australia: PhD top-up Scholarships
36The Australian Federation of University Women’s scholarship
37MOVE muscle, bone & joint health PhD Scholarship in Musculoskeletal Health
38MS Research Australia: Postgrad Scholarship
39National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC): Postgrad Scholarship
40National Suicide Prevention Research Fund: PhD Scholarships
41Nature Foundation SA: Grand Start Grants Program
42Nature Foundation SA: Roy & Marjory Edwards Scholarship
43Nicholas Baudin: Internships in France Initiative
44Playford Trust PhD Scholarships
45Postgraduate Top-Up Scholarship for Batten Disease Support & Research
46Sir John Monash Scholarships
47Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Research Scholarship
48Sir Ross & Sir Keith Smith Fund Scholarships
49Sport-based PhD Scholarship Program
50Taiwan Fellowship
51Techtyche Digital Media Scholarship
52Water Research Australia scholarships
53Data61 PhD Scholarship
54The Hospital Research Foundation
55Scholarships with The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre
56Brian Gray Scholarship program
57The Australian Federation of University Women scholarship
58Postgraduate Research Award (PGRA)
59Residential Student Scholarship (RSS)
60Early Career Researcher Grant (ECRG)
61AINSE Supported Facilities (ASF)
62International Conference Travel
63APPEA Scholarships
64AsuIMM Scholarships
65BiGold 88 Endowment

Rhodes Scholarship

A widely renowned scholarship program that provides you with a ticket to study at the University of Oxford. This Scholarship is open for both master’s and PhD students to apply. To learn more on the matter, we have prepared a comprehensive article on the topic covering “eligibility criteria”, “application procedure”, “Documents Required” etc. Click on the following article link to learn more.