CDC Vouchers 2024 Payout Date, Eligibility Check Online, Payout Amount, All We Know

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The government of Singapore has released a new program. The government has decided to provide $500 in the CDC Vouchers to each Singaporean household from 3rd January 2024. The CDC Voucher is provided to eligible ones digitally. The government continuously try to help the households of Singapore fulfil their daily expenses. The availability of these vouchers is a part of the government’s efforts.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister i.e., Mr Lawrence announced the Community Development Council Voucher during the Budget of 2022 and 2023. They are also going to offer additional support from the Cost of Living Package worth $1.1 billion in September 2023.

CDC Voucher 2024 Payout Date, Eligibility Check Online, Payout Amount, All We Know

CDC Vouchers 2024 Payout Date

The voucher’s total value will be allotted equally which will be spent at the participating supermarkets, heartland merchants or hawkers. The voucher payment has been made and the beneficiaries can claim the amount and spend the CDC Vouchers 2024 before or on 31st December 2024.

Individuals can stack a maximum of 15 digital vouchers per QR code to make sure that the respected QR code remains scannable by merchants. More updates regarding the CDC Voucher 2024 such as payment date, claiming process and more can be checked below.

Conditions for Community Development Council Vouchers 2024

  • The CDC Vouchers are available in Singapore dollars only.
  • Beneficiaries can redeem the vouchers at the participating supermarkets, merchants and hawkers which are displayed in the voucher decal.
  • The vouchers cannot be used to buy petrol, lottery products, alcohol, diesel or cigarettes.
  • No one can resale or exchange their respective CDC voucher.
  • After the expiry date, the voucher will be of no use.
  • Applicants can use multiple vouchers for a single transaction. However, the used amount will not be refunded.
  • If the voucher is misplaced, stolen or lost then it will be provided again.
  • The officials do not provide any warranty over the quality of goods and services offered in the participating places.

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How to claim the CDC Vouchers 2024 Payment?

If you are also eligible and interested in using the voucher then the following section will guide you with the process. The following are the steps which will help you till the end of the CDC Voucher Claiming process:

  • First of all, visit the official website of the Community Development Council using this link address:
  • Secondly, the portal’s home page will directly form on the screen.
  • Thirdly, scroll down the home page a little and you will see the section named “Claim your CDC Vouchers 2024”.
  • Tap the Claim Now option available below that and the website will be redirected to a new page.
  • After that, you will again see a voucher section for $500. Click on the claim option to proceed further with the process.
  • Now, you should start locating the link to log in with Singpass and tap the same once.
  • Carefully provide your login ID and password or save the QR code available there to complete the login process.
  • After that, you will see two types of options. Click on any one of them to claim.
  • Now, you will have to wait for a few minutes and the voucher link will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Eligibility for the CDC Vouchers 2024

The officials have not set any specific eligibility to claim the Community Development Council Card. The only eligibility is that the interested one must be a citizen of Singapore. $250 needs to be spent at the hawker and heartland merchants that participate in the program. The remaining amount will be used for the participating supermarkets.

CDC Vouchers 2024: Important Links

Visit the websiteCDC Voucher Website Link
Claim itCDC Voucher Caliming Link
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the CDC Vouchers be shared with other household members?

Yes, the voucher can be shared with other members of the same family through the following methods:
1. Tap the “Share” button to get the unique voucher link address.
2. Paste the same link and send it to your family member through any preferred messaging apps i.e., SMS/ Whatsapp/ Telegram.

When will the Community Development Council Vouchers 2024 expire?

As per the officials, the beneficiaries can use the CDC Voucher till 31 December 2024 which is the deadline. After that, the CDC voucher will be treated as invalid.

What do we need to claim the vouchers?

Eligible participants must have a smartphone and valid Singapore ID to claim the vouchers and it can be used after the successful login only.

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