Grants in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada 2024: Learn about the Grant Opportunities

Acquiring good-quality tertiary education in this age has become quite a task, a substantial one indeed. Reputable institutions known for imparting quality education and skills of unmatched level often go harsh on the budget.

This is where Grants come into play, known for lifting that financial obligation off your shoulders for a set duration. From a global perspective, institutions of the highest rank and order are majorly situated in countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada. Wherein opportunities for grants are immense.

Thus, highly regarded and famous grants in these nations are eloquently discussed and mentioned in this article.

What are Grants?

First, let’s get a hands-on introduction to what grants are, Grants are financial awards often regarded as funds given by a specific organisation/institution/trust etc to support a person with their academic or research journey. Grants are not to be confused with loans, which, unlike grants, are required to be paid back.

These grants provided by the authority are closely monitored and are made sure to be spent on things that are directly related to the coursework or research.

For Example, the Pell Grant from the US, the Research Council UK (RCUK) from the UK, the Australian Research Council (ARC) from Australia, and last but not least, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) from Canada are some of the famous one’s out there.

Prospect Grants from the United Kingdom

United Kindom is equipped with an apt environment that is fertile for any person aiming to cultivate good quality education. With institutions consisting of experts in both hard skills and soft skills, it leaves no room for disappointment. This section will contain major grant opportunities available in the UK.

S, No.Grant NameFunding AmountFocus AreaClosing Date
1Innovate UK Smart Grants (September 2023)Up to £25 millionInnovative R&D projects17 January 2024
2Collaborative R&D for Semiconductor Manufacturing£12 millionSemiconductor manufacturing31 January 2024
3APC25: Industrialising Net Zero Automotive TechnologyUp to £25 millionNet zero automotive technology13 March 2024
4Future Leaders Fellowships (Round 9)Not specifiedAmbitious research and innovationTo be confirmed
5Eureka Collaborative R&D: Eurostars 3 Call 6Share of up to £2.5 millionCollaborative researchTo be confirmed
6Scalable Quantum Network Technologies: Collaborative R&DUp to £2.1 millionQuantum network technologies1 November 2023
7Innovate UK Innovation Loans Future Economy (Round 11)Between £100,000 and £2 millionLate-stage R&D projects8 November 2023
8SBRI: Future Telecommunications ChallengeUp to £7 millionTelecommunications technology23 November 2023
9Innovate UK Investor Partnerships: SME Round 4Up to £1.4 millionSME growth and innovation25 October 2023
10Innovate UK Smart Grants (January 2023)Up to £25 millionGame-changing R&D innovations14 June 2023

Grant Opportunities in the USA

The USA is commonly perceived as the land of opportunities due to its immense potential to grow and upscale oneself in various sectors, whether it be education, science and technology, business, or arts. It lets people’s ambitions gain momentum and help them reach the heights they were meant for.

The American government, as well as several institutions, offer grants that can help deserving candidates and citizens get a chance to excel. Below are some supposedly famous grant opportunities in the United States.

S.No.Grant NameFocus AreaEligibilityTypical Grant Amount
1Pell GrantsHigher education for low-income studentsUndergraduate students with financial needVaries based on need
2National Science Foundation (NSF) Research GrantsScientific research across various disciplinesResearchers, educators, and scientistsVaries widely
3National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research GrantsMedical and health-related researchMedical researchers and institutionsVaries widely
4Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) ProgramInnovative research by small businessesSmall businesses conducting researchUp to $150,000 (Phase I), up to $1 million (Phase II)
5Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) ProgramTech transfer and commercialization in small businessesSmall businesses partnering with research institutionsUp to $150,000 (Phase I), up to $1 million (Phase II)
6Fulbright Scholar ProgramEducational and cultural exchangeScholars, educators, and professionalsVaries based on the program
7Department of Defense (DoD) Research GrantsMilitary and defense-related researchResearchers and institutions in defense-related fieldsVaries widely
8National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) GrantsHumanities research and projectsIndividuals and institutions in humanities fieldsVaries based on the program
9National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) GrantsArtistic projects and researchArtists, organizations, and communitiesVaries based on the program
10Department of Education (DoE) GrantsEducation programs and initiativesSchools, educational institutions, and educatorsVaries based on program

List of Well-Renowned Canadian Grants

Similar to the USA, Canadian grants are also paid for in various sectors and fields to help support people in attaining their desired goals and aspirations. The Canadian Government also realises grants’ role in helping bridge the gap between finances and potential.

The sectors and areas for which a person can apply for a grant under the Canadian government are Agriculture, Arts, culture and sport, Business, Environment, For Indigenous peoples, Gender equality, Health, International Development, Jobs or apprenticeship training, Leave from work, caregiving, pensionsResearchStudent aid.

The table listed below will contain a few of the Canadian Grants.

S. No.Grant NameFocus AreaEligibilityTypical Grant Amount
1Canada Research ChairsAcademic research in various fieldsUniversity researchersVaries based on tier and field
2Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) GrantsNatural sciences and engineering researchScientists, engineers, and researchersVaries widely
3Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) GrantsHealth research and medical studiesHealth researchers and institutionsVaries widely
4Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) GrantsSocial sciences and humanities researchResearchers in social sciences and humanitiesVaries based on the project
5Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) GrantsResearch infrastructure and technologyAcademic institutions and researchersCleantech companies and consortia
6Mitacs Research InternshipsCollaborative research internshipsGraduate students and postdoctoral fellowsUp to $15,000 per intern per 4-month internship
7Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)Innovation and technology development in businessesSmall and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)Varies, often up to $10 million
8Canada Council for the Arts GrantsArtistic and cultural projectsArtists and cultural organizationsVaries based on the program
9Canadian Heritage Grants and ContributionsCultural heritage and national identityCultural institutions and non-profitsVaries based on the program
10Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) FundingClean technology and environmental researchClean tech companies and consortiaVaries, can be substantial

Australian Grants Initiatives

Australia is home to various grant opportunities that are easily accessible by the common yet aspiration-bearing citizens. These grants can be industry-related, business-related, need-based, etc. Given below are some of the grants that receive heavy applications each year upon its opening

S.No.Grant NameFocus AreaEligibilityTypical Grant Amount
1Australian Research Council (ARC) GrantsAcademic and scientific research in various fieldsUniversities, researchers, and academicsVaries widely
2National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) GrantsMedical and health-related researchHealth researchers and institutionsVaries widely
3Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII)Business innovation and researchAustralian businessesUp to AUD $1 million for feasibility studies
4Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC) GrantsInnovative manufacturing research and developmentManufacturing sector businesses and researchersFunding matched by industry partners
5Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) GrantsRenewable energy projects and technologyRenewable energy businesses and researchersVaries based on project
6Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) GrantsCollaborative industry and research projectsIndustries and research institutionsVaries, often in the millions
7Rural Research and Development (R&D) GrantsAgriculture and rural development researchAgricultural sector and research organizationsVaries, often targeted to specific projects
8Australia Council for the Arts GrantsArtistic and cultural projectsArtists and cultural organizationsVaries based on program
9Department of Education, Skills and Employment GrantsEducation, skills, and employment initiativesEducational institutions and training providersVaries based on initiative
10Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) InvestmentsClean energy projects and technologyClean energy companies and projectsInvestments in clean energy projects

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