Fullbright Scholarship: A Flagship Foreign Exchange Scholarship

Turn your dream of Studying in Australia into reality by applying for the Fullbright Scholarship Program. This Scholarship allows you to study in the States without making you worry about the cost of study. The given article will cover all the necessary about the scholarship in detail.

Fullbright Scholarship

Fullbright Scholarship is a flagship foreign exchange scholarship program offered to Australian Students. It is one of the most widely renowned foreign exchange programs. If you are interested in more scholarships, then you should read our article – Australia Scholarships.

Over 370,000 students, academics, and professionals gained this scholarship, which has helped them in their multidimensional lifestyle. This Scholarship allows individuals at various academic levels to apply and win it in whichever course or subsequent degree they wish to apply for. The scholarship is offered to gain admission to various universities. Following we have illustrated information about eligibility criteria, How to apply, and the courses offered by Fullbright Scholarship.

Fullbright Scholarship: A Flagship Foreign Exchange Scholarship
Fullbright Scholarship

Eligibility and Conditions

The application for the Scholarship opens in January and ends in July. Thus, to be able to undertake this scholarship following set of requirements should be met by the candidate.

  • The person should be an Australian Citizen either by birth or through naturalization.
  •  Candidates with dual Australian-American Citizenship are not permitted to apply in the process.
  •  Candidates having American Citizenship or green cards can’t participate.
  •  Applicant must be residing in Australia during the process.
  •  Exceptions are made for overseas Army officials due to postings and people with work-related commitments.
  •  Applicant should not have studied or researched in the United States.
  •  One will not be permitted to postpone the scholarship.
  •  The person should possess a valid Australian Passport and thus travel on it as well.
  •  The recipients should make plans to stay in Australia to attend the Fulbright Orientation Program and Gala Presentation Dinner which takes place in late February.
  •  Professionals with medicine as their background can pursue research in medical science. However, the research should not be directly associated with clinical practice.
  •  Candidates whose application has been successfully shortlisted can begin their course in the U.S. academic year (August through May) following application and selection.

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How to Apply for Fullbright Scholarship?

The procedures that must be followed to send your application successfully are listed as follows. Fullbright Scholarship allows people of different academic levels to be admitted and pursue further education.

  • Visit www.fulbright.org.au.
  •  An interface with options saying, “Log in” and “Create an account” will appear. Click on “Create an account”.
  • Correctly enter all the obligatory information like e-mail, first name, last name, and D.O.B. Note: The name should be filled as it is mentioned in the passport of the candidate.
  •  Another prompt where the person has to set their password will appear. After the successful completion of the prior step, return to the initial page where it says, “Log in” and “Click to Start”.
  •  Click on “Log in” and enter your email address and password. You’re all set to begin filling out your application form. At the beginning, an interface with preliminary questions determining your eligibility will appear.
  •  Select the country “Australia” and choose the academic year for which you’ll be applying, later make the appropriate “yes/no/unsure” choice and click on continue.
  •  Fill out all the personal information asked such as name, Name on previous records, Biographical Information, Citizen Information, etc. carefully. Press “Continue” to save and proceed.
  •  Similarly, fill out contact information with your address, telephone number, Email, and emergency contact. Carefully review the information and press “Continue”.
  •  This section will retain all your information about your academic and professional background. Thus, make sure to enter all of it with utmost precision.
  •  Another section asking for Academic Material, such as copies of unofficial transcripts and/or diplomas, must be filled in properly.
  •  Thereafter, provide information about your proposed plan of study in the U.S. Enter your intended grant of stay, Study/Research Objective, and other necessary credentials.
  • In the Grant and Travel plan section, only Passport/Travel Document and Dependents must be filled out.
  • Additional Information like Checklist and Declaration, Sponsored Award Statement/s (if any). Click “Continue” to save and proceed to the next step.
  • It is highly advisable to submit at least 3 letters of recommendation at least. The recommender must fill out the recommendation form online.
  • Review all your information thoroughly and click on “Submit”.

Courses Offered in Fullbright Scholarship

The list of the no. of courses offered under the Fulbright Scholarship Program is mentioned as follows.

S.No. Name of the Course
1Accounting/ Finance
2Aerospace Engineering
3Agricultural/Biosystems Engineering
5Agronomy/Crop Science
6Animal Science
10Area Studies
11Art History/Conservation/Museology
12Arts Administration/Arts Management
15Biomedical Engineering
17Chemical Engineering
19Civil & Environmental Engineering
20Clinical-Counseling Psychology
22Computer Science
28Electrical Engineering
30Environmental Science & Ecology
31Film, Television & Cinema Studies
33Food Science
39Industrial Engineering
40Information Science
41International Relations
44Library and Information Science
47Marine Science
48Materials Science & Engineering
50Mechanical Engineering
51Medical Sciences
53Natural Resources
55Ocean Engineering
57Petroleum Engineering
60Political Science
62Public Administration/Public Policy
63Public Health
64Social Work
70Theology/Religious Studies
71Translation & Interpretation
73Urban and Regional Planning
74Veterinary Medicine
75Visual Arts

Attributes Required for the Fullbright Scholarship Program

The board members or the panel of experts will be looking out for the attributes that are best suited and will meet their expectations. Following are the attributes that one shall possess to get their application successfully accepted for the scholarship.

  1. The professionals will expect high academic and professional merit from the aspiring scholars in their respective fields of interest. The evidence of this shall be proved by providing academic records, professional standing, and recognition, as well as through publications, exhibitions, performances, public lectures, or presentations.
  2. The applicant should propose a strong program which is feasible within the allocated time and is relevant/beneficial to their chosen field. The Proposal should cover some of the following points.
    • The study or research should’ve an educational component.
    • Goals that are meant to be achieved through this proposed research, and how can the United States play a role in achieving it.
    • How the proposed program can further be beneficial in mutual understanding and institutional partnerships/collaboration between the United States and Australia
    • A clear and specific plan that illustrates its execution.
  3. The successful candidates should show willingness towards providing their gained insights after making their return and should be co-operative towards positively building ongoing partnerships and linkage.