NHS Pay Rise 2024: When will it be paid IN 2024? When will the NHS get a pay rise?

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By Naomi Craft

The National Healthcare Service staff expects to receive a legitimate pay raise for 2024. In response, the government is considering several factors before making an informed decision. The process of disbursing pay raises to healthcare workers is currently in its earlier stages, with NHS PRB(pay review body) accumulating evidence and sources that can be recommended to the government.

NHS Pay Rise 2024

The NHS Pay Rise 2024-25 was promised to the working individuals after the NHS Pay Rise 2023. The latest update for the NHS Pay Rise 2024 was made in December 2024 in an official circular issued by NHS England. A circular that contained information about how the NHS is prepared for this winter with G&A beds, virtual wards, ambulance capacity etc.

The article also went on to urge people not to wait to start planning for the next year, A budget distribution for 2024/25 has already been submitted by the NHS where the recovery plans for urgent and emergency care, primary care access, and elective and cancer care remain the same.

From a pay survey analysis conducted by the NHS Providers, 48% of the population that voted is expecting to receive a 5% pay increase, while 18% and 13% expect an increment of 4% and 6% respectively.

NHS Pay Rise 2024: When will it be paid IN 2024? When will the NHS get a pay rise?

Pay Rise Disbursement in 2024

On June 1, 2023, based on the agreement between the government of the United Kingdom and Unions representing the NHS staff like UNISON, GMB etc, over a million NHS workers started to receive their wages along with their respective increments and one-off backlog bonuses.

While several workers showcased a sense of dissatisfaction and unfairness towards the agreement, a lot of them are now eager to know about the clauses and benefits of the pay rise agreement 2024, primarily concerned with its effective date.

Role of NHSPRB

Previously, in 2023, NHSPRB, an independent organisation, played a substantial role in disbursing the pay rise to health workers. It presented a remit with major areas of concern related to the National Health Service Providers to the Government of the United Kingdom.

Likewise, a report has to be submitted by the NHSPRB with recommendations made on behalf of the NHS workers and also be mindful of the economic status and position of the Government for the 2024-25 pay round.

A letter sent out by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Victoria Atkins, to Stephen Boyle, Interim Chair, of the NHS Pay Review Body, outlines something important about the NHS pay rise

“I am asking you to provide recommendations in line with your terms of reference and would welcome your report in May 2024.”

When will it be Paid IN 2024?

Recognizing the efforts and risk the healthcare providers put in during the pandemic, the government provided over a million of England’s staff with a one-off “NHS backlog bonus” in the 2023-24 pay rise. The staff gained a pay increase of 5% which was backdated to April.

The NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) is expected to submit the remit report for the 2024-25 pay round by May 2024. After these get submitted by the concerned body, the government will run a thorough examination and review the recommendations offered.

When will the NHS get a Pay Rise?

Based on the analysis of previous trends, the government may announce the details related to the pay rise between June and July. However, this still isn’t the date one can solely rely on which majorly is an assumption. The timeline can be affected by factors like economic status and discussions held between unions and the government. To get informed as soon as the government releases any notification related to the pay rise, keep following up with us.

Professionals wondering when it will be paid in England should realise that the government has to receive and review the issued remit. The government will receive the remit from the NHSPRB by May 2024. Thus, the announcement of the pay rise can be anticipated after the end of April.

NHS pay rise in 2024/25 in Scotland can also be expected in likewise, however, in a recently released statement by the Scottish Minister he underlined some significant associates with the budget. He talked about how they are exceeding their social care investment by 25% and are investing £2 billion in health and social care.

They aim to assist and provide support to social care, early learning, and childcare workers from private, third, and independent sectors to make their pay raise to £12 per hour by giving an additional 200 million pounds in funding.

Analysis of 2023-24 Pay Rise

As mentioned previously, a pay rise backdated to April was finally granted to NHS staff consisting of nurses, paramedics and 999 call handlers. A backlog bonus and a 5% pay rise were given as announced. In which the backlog bonus of a person will be calculated based on the individual’s pay band.

The Health and Social Care Secretary Steve Barclay, who had posed to play an essential negotiating role had said:

“We’re giving nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists and other eligible staff a fair pay rise, which will see, for example, band 6 staff getting an extra £5,000 over 2 years.”

The workers were paid based on their band level and experience in the 2023-24 pay rise. To calculate your pay raise for the 2024-25 plan use your current band level and experience. To understand how the pay band system works, the following table can provide a sneak peek into it.


One can also visit to NHS Pay Calculator & UK Pay Rise Data to calculate directly.

Factors and Challenges to Take into Account

It all comes down to a situation where the government and the NHS workers should find a calculated breakthrough that is in the best interest of both parties.

On one hand where healthcare professionals tend to suffer from a combination of factors like heavy workloads, mental health repercussions(stress, anxiety, burnout, depression etc), dealing with inflated prices within a limited budget, poor work-life balance etc.

Similarly, on the hind side, the government gets to deal with staff shortages, budget management, and meeting standard public healthcare access. The government needs to consider all the factors before making an informed decision.

To get the latest updates related to the NHS pay rise 2024-25 stay tuned.

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