PIP Rates 2023, What are the New Rates for PIP 2023

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By Naomi Craft

Personal Independence Payments or PIP is a welfare program assisting citizens of the UK with additional expenses incurred due to physical impairments or disabilities. These payments are made to help such individuals with their daily activities/mobility because of their condition.

Learn about the essential information and details associated with PIP Rates 2023, what is PIP about? What are the New Rates for PIP 2023, eligibility criteria etc?

PIP Rates 2023

UK consists of millions of citizens receiving PIP claims and around 36% of this population is qualified for the highest rate. Beneficiaries of the PIP experienced a sudden hike in their previous benefits that came into effect on April 2023.

Before the PIP Rates went high for 2023-24, the previous budget for 2022-23 looked something like this:

Daily Living Component: 

  • Standard Rate: £61.85 per week
  •  Enhanced Rate: £92.40 per week

Mobility Component

  • Standard Rate: £24.45 per week
  •  Enhanced Rate: £64.50 per week

These rates can vary depending on the complexity of how difficult it is for the individual to carry out basic livelihood processes.

What is Personal Independence Payment(PIP) about?

PIP or Personal Independence Payment provides financial support to individuals in the United Kingdom suffering from disabilities that interfere with their everyday activities and mobility. It replaced the DLA in the UK which was Disability Living Allowance(DLA) and is now open to be availed by the people lying in the age range of 16 to state pension age.

It consists of two components and the individuals if eligible can get one or both of these:

  1. Daily Living Component: This component of the claim deals with providing financial assistance to people who face issues in carrying out daily activities like Preparing Food
    • Dressing
    •  Washing
    •  Managing Medication etc
  2.  Mobility Component: The mobility component is provided after assessing the ability of the person to move around, plan and follow journeys.

Beneficiaries do not have to pay any taxes to the government over these benefits as these are tax-free letting individuals take advantage of the full cost. These other than being tax-free are also not means-tested implying that the individuals falling under the eligibility criteria can receive PIP regardless of their income, savings, or financial savings.

Interested candidates can apply for PIP by submitting an online application by visiting their official website or by contacting the Department for Work and Pensions(DWP), thereby providing information about their health and overall condition.

Candidates who haven’t transitioned from DLA to PIP are requested to do so by following the steps as per the official notification and reaccess themselves to get the PIP benefits.

Essential Details regarding Personal Independence Payments:

Payment NamePersonal Independence Payment
GovernmentFederal Government of United Kingdom
Organization NameDepartment for Work and Pensions
BeneficiariesThe disabled population of the United Kingdom
CategoryGovernment Aid
CountryUnited Kingdom
Official Websitewww.gov.uk

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What are the New Rates for PIP 2023?

In response to the rising inflation, the UK government decided to increase the Personal Independence Payments rates or the PIP rates. This step ensured that claimants kept up with the inflated prices and continued to maintain their livelihood regardless of the inflation.

PIP beneficiaries would’ve noticed a spike in the rates of their benefits compared to their previous rates. About 10.1% of the increment was done to help recipients cope with the increased living costs. This 10.1% increment wasn’t just limited to PIP but was applied to all the departments of Work and Pensions and HMRC benefits.

Daily Living

 DL Part 2023/2024DL Part 2022/2023Increase
Enhanced RatePound 101.75Pound 92.40Pound 9.35
Standard RatePound 68.10Pound 61.85Pound 6.25


 Mobility Part 2023/2024Mobility Part 2022/2023Increase
Enhanced RatePound 71.00Pound 64.50Pound 6.50
Standard RatePound 26.90Pound 24.45Pound 2.45

Eligibility Criteria for Personal Independence Payments

The conditions listed below make one eligible to apply for Personal Independence Payments(PIP), if a person satisfies all of the following conditions they may be eligible for a PIP:

  1. Age Limit: The person should lie in the age range of D16 to the state pension age.
  2.  If the person is suffering from an illness or mental disease.
  3.  The condition arose 3 months before filing for the claim and may continue to disrupt your daily activities or mobility for a minimum of nine months after the claim.
  4.  The person requires someone to help them move or perform their daily activities.

PIP Application Procedure

To apply for Personal Independence Payments(PIP) one must follow the following steps as directed:

  1. Start by contacting the Department for Work and Pensions(DWP), where the operator will ask for your details like your name, address, DOB etc.
  2. One can either call the DWP PIP by dialling 08009172222 or by textphoning them at 08009177777.
  3. An application form will be given to you to fill out asking for essential information.
  4. The applicant will have to provide supporting evidence like medical reports, prescriptions and statements from health professionals to support their claim.
  5. The candidate will also be called in for a direct face-to-face examination.

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