Worked Examples in Computer Science

Skudder, B. and Luxton-Reilly, A.

    Most instructors teaching Computer Science use examples to help students learn, and many instructors use worked examples (either in a static or a dynamic style) in their courses. However, the research on worked examples is not well known in the Computer Science Education community. This paper provides an overview of how worked examples have been studied, and the major findings from the literature, particularly as they relate to Computer Science.
Cite as: Skudder, B. and Luxton-Reilly, A. (2014). Worked Examples in Computer Science. In Proc. Sixteenth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2014) Auckland, New Zealand. CRPIT, 148. Whalley, J. and D\'Souza, D. Eds., ACS. 59-64
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