East Rock Films Scholarship essay contest – eligibility

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By Hrishi

East Rock Films Scholarship: East Rock Films is an educational company that aims to enlighten and motivate audiences by bringing renowned authors, the best artists, and their works to life. East Rock films offer a scholarship, where studying any historical figure’s past work enlightens and might also inspire you. To apply for this scholarship, you need to describe the work of someone from the past who inspire you as an artist, scientist, journalist, political leader, entrepreneur, or inventor, necessarily they need not be from any specific country, they can be from anywhere in the globe.

The person you choose to study no longer be alive but may have lived in the distant or near past.

East Rock Films Scholarship essay contest - eligibility

East Rock Films Scholarship Essay Contest Eligibility

  • High school juniors, seniors, and first- and second-year college students presently living in the United States of America and Canada are eligible to enter the East Rock Films Essay contest.
  •  You must pursue humanities, social sciences, or arts studies to be eligible for this scholarship.
  •  You must also include an essay identifying a specific piece of art that speaks to you or may inspire you it can be a work that drives you.
  •  The work mentioned above can be a piece of poetry, a song, a musical composition, a painting, a novel, a piece of dance, a short story, maybe a sculpture or even a documentary.
  •  As mentioned earlier, this is an essential eligibility criterion you should plan to study or co-study in humanities, social sciences, or arts.
  •  The humanities studies may include American studies of Archaeology, Anthropology, Art, Art History, Communication, and Media Studies, Creative Writing, Dance, English, Economics, Photography, Filmmaking, Film Studies, French Language and Literature, Geography, Jewish studies, Journalism, Linguistics, Literature/Comparative Literature, Music, Near Eastern Studies, Russian Language, Political Science, Religious studies, and Romance Languages

Application Requirements and additional information

You can apply for the East Rock Films Scholarship scholarship by filling up the application form and submitting the essay, which must be between 500-1000 words.

While writing the essay, you need to describe a piece of art that particularly connects to you; you get inspired by it. You can write this as a short tale, maybe a play, novel, artwork etc., you need to mention why this piece of work inspires you.

While writing the essay, you may need to focus on the following things mentioned.

  1. What are the reasons for choosing this particular piece of art?
  2.  According to the piece of art under observation speaks to you, how does it impress you?
  3.  You need to describe the author or artist who created it, how would you characterize them?
  4.  It would be best if you also described what inspires you the most, the things that stand out to you.

While writing the essay you need to describe us.

  1. What area of study are you planning to major in?
  2. If you are a college-going student, you need to mention why you have decided to major in your current subjects rather than others.

Essays to be written from the following

  • The first format is to write a traditional essay of about 500-1000 words on the abovementioned topic.
  • You can also make a video essay of between 3 to 10 minutes. It would be best if you were very original about your idea of video creation. You may also involve other people in the video along with the poetry of some kind, a dance performance, or a dramatic monologue, as long as the purpose and the value of the above topic are affirmed
  • The last way to participate in this essay competition is to write a performance essay which may be between 3-10 minutes. You need to be very imaginative and creative while making this, the format of the video could be a dance performance, a dramatic monologue, or a poem.

Evaluation criteria, award value and deadline of East Rock Films Scholarship essay contest

Our panel will grade essays on their ability to express the idea behind them clearly. Further, it will also depend on the originality of thinking, the essay’s overall structure, how effectively the ideas behind it are explained, and The language used in both the written and video formats. How easy is the memorability of the essay?

Award value for the scholarship.

One winner will be chosen from the pool of applications, and they will receive an amount of $500 scholarship value. This money can be used for college expenses.

Deadline to submit the essay and get the East Rock Films Scholarship

The last day for submitting the essay and the application is 15 January 2023. The award winner will be announced and notified via e-mail in the month of February. The award value is sent shortly after the announcement of the result, and it can be used for the summer, spring or fall semesters.

The winner of the essay along with the awarded scholarship will also get published on the official website along with the complete biography and picture of the student.

Along with the winner, some honourable mention also gets notified via mail, and their essays will also be posted on the website.

Steps to Submit the Essay to Participate in the Scholarship

While writing the essay, you need to include some important details, that are:

  1. You need to apply with your complete name.
  2.  You need to mention your high school name or the college that you have attended.
  3.  Fill in the city, state or province in which you currently live.
  4.  Your high school or college year. Suppose you are in between state the rising and the following year.
  5.  You need to mention your email address because this will be the communication point.
  6.  Please, mention how you came to know about this scholarship.

You can send your written essays to [email protected]. If you are sending the video format, please send an attached video on Google Drive or Dropbox in case the file size is too big and give the access grant to [email protected].

If you have any further queries plz, visit this page. Enjoy reading this blog you can also read some scholarships for high school seniors.

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