Oracle Developer Scholarship | Getting a Computer Science Scholarship

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Oracle Developer Scholarship: You can get an amazing career path if you choose to do Engineering with Computer Science and develop your skill set to become an all-around Oracle Developer. Oracle developer builds applications for solving business problems with Oracle Software. Most companies highly demand Oracle developers; nearly half a million are using this to manage their data and need someone who can code.

Oracle Developer Scholarship

Now that you have already established and wanted to be an aspiring Oracle Developer but don’t have any idea about the money it was going to cost while doing that particular course or will there be a scholarship for native Americans and international students who want to all set to study in the USA.

Oracle Developer Scholarship

Scholarship program for Black, Hispanic, and Native Americans

To obtain a scholarship from Oracle to become a certified Oracle Developer. This is a $10,000 scholarship program hosted by UNCF (United Negro College Fund). Oracle has more than 25 available scholarships distributed annually to college sophomores and graduates. This program is looking for Black, Hispanic, and Native American students.

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Minimum criteria that are to be fulfilled

If you are choosing your career to become an aspiring Oracle developer and want to attend a scholarship, you must fulfill certain criteria.

  • You need to be of any gender Black, Hispanic, or Native American. You need to have citizenship in the USA.
  • You must be pursuing your degrees in the field of computer science. Maybe computer engineering or software development.
  •  The applicant trying to get through this scholarship program must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA on a scale of 4.0.
  •  Should know software coding minimum of 1 year through any class project.
  • There is no age limit for this scholarship program.

Computer Science Scholarship

Suppose you are tech-savvy and dream of creating wonderful software through coding. Which can be used by many, and if you are all set to take Computer Science as your major. Dream of getting a good scholarship must have always haunted you, and there are many ways you can get a scholarship while opting to do Computer Science engineering.

According to some studies, students are overwhelmed and are extra cautious because of rising finances in getting a professional degree. Educational institutions have come across various ways through which one gets potential financial aid and can support their studies.

By getting a scholarship

A scholarship is aid generally awarded to those students who fulfill certain criteria of excellent academic and co-curricular careers.

By getting a grant

A grant is usually an amount fixed by the institute given to a student based on their need. Whether it is poor household income or any particular event which qualifies in the grant criteria. You usually do not need to refund back the allotted money.

Work-study program

To support college education, certain educational institute helps their students when they earn some money through part-time jobs along with their studies. The money which is earned can be used to pay the tuition fees for college.

By college loans

There are two ways of getting a college loan, either through federal loans or private loans. One has to pay back the loaned amount and the interest in the specified time.

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Eligibility for getting a scholarship while doing Computer Science

Though a scholarship depends on various academic factors, other requirements to be fulfilled while applying for it are,

  • Has to score a 3.0 GPA.
  • You need to disclose your financial dependencies and needs.
  • You need to be a full-time student doing graduation or undergraduate program.
  • You need to complete the application form, where you are applying for a scholarship.
  • You need to submit a CV or resume.
  •  You need a letter of recommendation; in some institutes, it is a mandate.
  • You need to have original college transcripts.

Many scholarships are awarded to Computer Science graduates to support their specialization. Some of them are

  1. Scholarship Program which ACF Woodstock Family Education runs

This scholarship was established in 1993 by businessman Woody and his wife. The main aim of this scholarship was to promote those students who are exceptionally doing good in Math or Science. The total scholarship money to be awarded is $10,000, and the application needs to be submitted by February 4, 2023, you can get more information on this scholarship at

2. A special scholarship program for undergraduates, Alaska Space Grant

The scholarship value may vary, and the last day to get selected for this scholarship is September 15, 2023. More on this scholarship you can find it on

3. Scholarship program for graduates in cyber security by (ISC)²

(ISC)² provides a scholarship between $1000 to $5000 per graduate student pursuing their degrees and wanting to grow more in cyber security. The eligible students must be beginning the first or second year of a master’s degree program or pursuing a doctoral degree and will be required to have a 3.5 GPA.

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