Procedures and Resources for Authors of Accepted Papers

This page outlines the procedure for authors who have had a paper accepted in a CRPIT conference or workshop.


Acceptance and Copyright Transfer Form

  • Standard Copyright Form (.rtf)
  • Government Work Copyright Form (.rtf)


  • LaTeX Style file for CRPIT Papers (amended 18 Jun 07)
  • natbib.sty - a necessary package
  • harvard.sty - an alternative to natbib
  • agsm.bst - the bibliography format
  • Example LaTeX .tex file for CRPIT Papers
  • Example LaTeX .pdf file for CRPIT Papers


  • Word Style for CRPIT Papers

  • If your paper is accepted and is to be printed, you will have received notification from the Programme Chair of the Conference concerned. If you have not received this (and you think you should have done), please contact your Conference Programme Chair (not us).

    Registration and Attendance at Event

    Please note that it is CRPIT policy that at least one author of all accepted papers to the conferences and workshops in the series would both register and present at the event concerned. Failure to do so without a reason acceptable to the organisers of the event will result in the paper being retrospectively withdrawn from both the proceedings and all citation sources.

    It is also CRPIT policy that all papers be original and not concurrently submitted elsewhere. Once again, we reserve the right to retrospectively withdraw a paper from the proceedings if we later find this not to be the case.

    Copyright Formalities

    For legal reasons, the Acceptance and Copyright Transfer Form should be either be:

    1. electronically signed and sent to the CRPIT Editorial Office,
    2. printed off, signed, scanned in and sent to the CRPIT Editorial Office, or
    3. printed off, signed and sent hardcopy to the CRPIT Editorial Office at Flinders University. The address is:

    You will also need to add a suitable copyright statement to your paper as follows:

    Assuming the CRPITStyle file is being used, the LaTeX source should include something like either:


    after the /maketitle line. Details, including volume numbers, editors, etc. of upcoming conferences are listed on the upcoming conferences page and below: