Canada CAI: Everything You Should Know About Canada CAI Payment & Deposit? How to Claim it?

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By Adam Winch

The cost of living in Canada is increasing at a rapid rate. Many people in the middle class and lower classes find it hard to fulfill their basic needs. To help people in need, the government of Canada has launched various programs, one of them being Canada CAI Payments. CAI is the Climate Action Incentive Payment, also known as the Canada Carbon Rebate.

Canada CAI Payment is the amount (tax-free) which will be provided to eligible families and individuals to help them cover the cost of federal pollution pricing. Readers who live in Canada and want to take advantage of Canada CAI Payments should read the following article to gather all the details.

Canada CAI Payments

Canada CAI

The CAI includes a basic amount and a supplement for citizens of small and rural communities. Now, you might want to know the amount that you will get as CAI. So, the amount is decided by the concerned authority based on the situation of each family and the province in which they are living. Please note that CAI payment is not subject to the reduction of benefits considering the adjusted net income of the family.

Canada Climate Action Incentive Payment consists of a rural supplement of almost 10% of the base amount for small and rural community residents. As per the official announcement, the officials have decided to increase the rural supplement to 20% for the base amount of 2023 for April 2024 year. The mentioned increase is still pending Royal Assent.

Eligibility Criteria for Canada Canada Carbon Rebate

Readers who want to claim the Canada Carbon Rebate Payments should check whether they qualify for the amount or not. So, here are some of the eligibility requirements for the Canada CAI Payments:

  • Interested ones should be residents of Canada in the month before the payment is made.
  • Eligible ones should be residents of an applicable CAI province on the 1st day of the payment month.
  • Candidates should be either 19 years old in the month before the CAI payment is made or under 19 years and have or had a spouse or common-law partner/ they are or were a parent, and live(d) with their child.
  • Candidates who have children:
    • The child is under 19 years old.
    • The child lives with the candidate
    • The candidate is primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of the child.
    • The child is registered for the CAI.

Canada CAI Payment Amount

The following is the table showing Quarterly CAI Payment Amounts as mentioned by the Minister of Finance, 2023-24:

First Adult$ 193$ 132$ 122$ 170$ 164$ 124$ 120
Second Adult$ 96.50$ 66$ 61$ 85$ 82$ 62$ 60
Each Child$ 48.25$ 33$ 30.50$ 42.50$ 41$ 31$ 30
Family of 4$ 386$ 264$ 244$ 340$ 328$ 248$ 240

The following is the table showing Annual Climate Action Incentive Payments:

First Adult$ 772$ 528$ 488$ 680$ 656$ 496$ 480
Second Adult$ 386$ 264$ 244$ 340$ 328$ 248$ 240
Each Child$ 193$ 132$ 122$ 170$ 164$ 124$ 120
Family of 4$ 1,544$ 1,056$ 976$ 1,360$ 1,312$ 992$ 960

Canada CAI Payment Dates

Candidates who have filed the taxes electronically on or before 15th March 2024 then they can receive the next payment of the Climate Action Incentive on 15th April 2024. Candidates who will file the taxes after 15th March 2024 will get the payment after some time when the return will be accessed. The whole payment is divided on a quarterly basis i.e., 15th of April, July, October and January. In case the 15th date falls on Saturday, Sunday, or any official holiday, then the payment will be transferred on the last business date before the 15th date.

The federal fuel charges for Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island came into effect on 1dt July 2023. So, they got the CAI Payment for 2023 year in three parts i.e., July 2023, October 2023 and January 2024. After that, the payment dates will same as the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the applicable provinces for Canada CAI Payments?
The following are the applicable CAI provinces: Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan.

How to claim Canada CAI Payments?
To get benefits of Canada CAI Payments, candidates should tick the box on the second page on a copy of the income tax and benefit return and mail it to the respective tax centre or contact the concerned authority at 1-800-387-1193 to apply.

When will the officials provide the next Canada CAI Payment?
As per the available information, the officials will provide the next Canada Climate Action Incentive Payment on 15 April to candidates who have filed tax returns on or before 15 March. If they filed after the mentioned dates then the April payment will be made on the next payment date i.e., July 2024.

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