Dynamic Measurement of Polymorphism

Choi, K. and Tempero, E.

    Measuring 'reuse' and 'reusability' is difficult because there are so many different facets to these concepts. Before we can effectively measure reuse and reusability, we must first be able to effectively measure these different facets. One such facet is the programming language constructs that are available. For example whether or not a language supports polymorphism is believed to affect how reusable a developer can make a code artifact. Effectively measuring polymorphism is a challenge because its behaviour is only observable at run-time. In this paper, we present a metric for polymorphism based on the dynamic behaviour of the code. We evaluate the usefulness of the metric through two case studies
Cite as: Choi, K. and Tempero, E. (2007). Dynamic Measurement of Polymorphism. In Proc. Thirtieth Australasian Computer Science Conference (ACSC2007), Ballarat Australia. CRPIT, 62. Dobbie, G., Ed. ACS. 211-220.
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