Oklahoma State University Boys and Girls Club Scholarship 2024 – Application Process

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By Hrishi

This scholarship was designed to help those students who are active members of the Boys and Girls Club and are currently in high school. The Oklahoma State University Boys and Girls Club aims to provide financial assistance to scholarship applicants who want to pursue their education in the field of engineering.

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University proudly presents this domain of education model working as a college of engineering, architecture and technology. This has transformed the lives of many students and prepared them for all the challenges they can expect in the real world of architecture and engineering. They have successfully produced many scholars, innovators and leaders in this domain of study and all of them are making a positive impact and are able to change this world. 

Oklahoma State University strictly believe to change the world with the innovative ideas and work we need to build future leaders. In today’s rapidly changing society, economic, and ethical norms demand the development of professionals who have the power to change the course of the nexus of society. This can be done by providing good education and practical training on the challenges presented in the physical world. Oklahoma State University is committed to nurturing those leaders and professionals who can innovate, design and build a strong world economy after successfully working on the local and regional economy.

To do all this Oklahoma State University provides an outstanding education with help of a well-designed curriculum and well-trained faculty. They give the highest priority to the standard of education so that students who are taking education from their campus can succeed in the goal which they have set in their life.

Oklahoma State University Boys and Girls Club Scholarship

Boys and Girls Club National Scholarship 

The boys and girls club national scholarship is designed for students who are currently in high school. This scholarship is provided by W. Wayne Allen and Oklahoma State University is responsible to distribute it. Most of the scholarships that are been provided in the domain of education are designed in such a way that those students who have the abilities and skills to do good with their future and want to take some advanced education in their niche. Can apply for a different scholarship, many of them are need-based also.

To get the full benefit of this scholarship the applicant has to be an active member of the Boys and Girls club in their high school. The student needs to pursue their future education in the field of engineering, these things can be termed as prerequisites for the scholarship.

The purpose of this scholarship is to work on the skills and leadership qualities of an individual. They aim to create future leaders who can have a positive impact and work for the benefit of society. For this, they work on the intellectual level by developing awareness towards careers and growing interpersonal skills.

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Oklahoma State University scholarship benefits

This scholarship was designed exclusively to provide benefits to an incoming freshman with a $15000 scholarship amount. This scholarship amount is yearly based and provided each year for the upcoming four years of study doing a BS degree in engineering. 

Only one award is given each year by Oklahoma State University for this scholarship. The scholarship amount can be used for educational activities as well as for domestic and international travel.

Funding of boys and girls club national scholarship

The generous W. Wayne Allen who is a retired CEO and chairman of Phillip petroleum company provides the funding for the scholarship and this runs under the supervision of Oklahoma State University. Wayne Allen once was a member of the boys and girls club and also a member of the National Advisory Board.

Benefits of the boys and girls club national scholarship

  • This is an annual scholarship with $15000 as the scholarship amount given to the successful applicant. This means in actuality this is a $60,000 scholarship for 4 years.
  • One of the core benefits of this scholarship is you got to meet some very well-known corporates and leaders while visiting some of the best engineering facilities.
  • This scholarship amount covers your 8-10 days of domestic travel expenses and also covers 10-12 days of international travel expenses for visiting industrial and cultural sites.
  • Once you get this scholarship you get one professional mentor.
  • You get opportunities to participate in various leadership and teamwork development activities.

Prerequisites for boys and girls club national scholarship

  • To be eligible for this scholarship you must be accepted at the College of engineering, architecture and technology run by Oklahoma State University.
  • Another criterion for this scholarship is you need to major in and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering.
  • This scholarship demands you to do well in your academics by maintaining a GPA of 3.25 on a 4.0 sale.
  • You must be an active member of the boys and girls club.
  • You should have a score of 1160 on the national test scores of SAT and 24 on the ACT.

To fill out the online application form please visit click here.

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