BWI Active Interest Media Boating Journalist Scholarship

Boating Writers International is a group of professionals working in the boating business. This group of professionals includes authors, editors, publishers, photographers, videographers, broadcasters, public relations experts, and others. Overview of BWI Active Interest Media Boating Boating Writers International offers membership majorly in two categories. The Boating Writers International (BWI) holds an annual contest, which … Read more

AAMI Foundation Michael J. Miller Scholarship 2023

AAMI Foundation Michael J. Miller Scholarship: If you are eyeing to become a healthcare system engineer and have of studying biomedical technical equipment being a profound technician, or a health technology specific engineer which may include clinical engineering also. You must aim to get the AAMI Foundation Scholarship. In this upcoming year 2023, a total … Read more

Des Moines Women’s Club Literature Scholarship 2023

Des Moines Women’s Club Literature Scholarship: The famous Des Moines Women’s club was founded in the year 1885 when five of its founding women members were very vigilant and visionary and swiftly met in the old Plymouth Congregational church & 5th grand Avenue and decided to form and run it. Since the beginning of this … Read more

project management: how to become a project manager, skills needed, Offered salary

According to Project Management Institute (PMI), the word project management means maintaining a group of tasks by using special tools, techniques, skills and knowledge delivering value to that work. Similarly, it means it is a systematic predefined area where every individual who is contributing towards that project should attain value out of it, whatever we … Read more

Davidson Fellows Scholarship 2023

Davidson Fellows Scholarship: One of the most talked about scholarships in the United States of America is given by Davidson Institute. Founded in the year 1999 it has helped some of the most extraordinary youth with a high potential level in terms of their academic career and prospective future in jobs. As an institute, they … Read more

Florida Engineering Society High School Scholarship 2023

This scholarship earned praise in the engineering and construction sector. This is for those particular students who want to enter the engineering sector. The Florida Engineering Society High School Scholarship is dedicated and aims to provide financial aid to those students who want to dedicate their careers towards engineering. This unique scholarship runs on the … Read more

Frontline Families Scholarship Program 2023

As we are well aware of what this pandemic has done to our world. The Frontline Families Scholarship program is dedicated to a very noble cause as it provides educational assistance to the surviving family member of those frontline health workers who lost their lives while fighting against the deadly wave of COVID-19. This scholarship … Read more