Gates Millennium Scholarship Program 2024: Check Application Process, Eligibility, Award, and more

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By Adam Winch

Gates Millennium Scholarship: There has been an ardent increase in the diversity of the American Population. Over the years, with a surge in the variety in American Society, there is a constant need for higher education and respective knowledge.

To create a better, sustainable community, every student must be encouraged to study further. Only the educational and holistic development of Americans shall not be enough. Every other race and human backdrop must be empowered. Thus, it is important that they pursue further study.

In this journey, there might be an immediate necessity to financially support them. Hence, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation founded the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program.

The scholarship scheme intends to support the meritorious American Indian, African American, Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, and Hispanic American students. Each year, 1,000 students are selected by the authorities for this program.

The scholarship is strictly for citizens of the United States and is applicable to nationals studying only in the US. The scholarship financially supports the dreams of the students by assisting them financially and even socially.

The monetary support is not limited to college or university tuition fees but also to other expenses such as accommodation, transportation, and other personal costs that shall be applicable for the duration of education.

All the details pertaining to Gates Millennium Scholarship Program for the year 2024 have been articulated subsequently. Read thoroughly in order to retrieve all the important information along with crucial dates and application links.

Gates Millennium Scholarship Program

Gates Millennium Scholarship Program 2024

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, owns the foundation name of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation further supports a scholarship program titled, Gates Millennium Scholarship.

Each year, the scheme is activated and strives to support nearly 1000 dreams of education. The program is for meritorious candidates belonging to the racial minorities of the United States. Candidates seeking higher education and being eligible for the program must apply online through the official scholarship portal.

The authorities will consider all the details of the application and will relatively award the students based on the available funds and the requirements of the students.

The scholarship works in coordination with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, United Negro College Fund, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, American Indian Graduate Center, and other supportive organisations.

The scholarship not only desires to holistically and religiously develop the students in terms of educative fields but also empowers them to become substantially potential leaders who ensure that the future of America only moves forward.

Name of the Scholarship Gates Millennium Scholarship
Founded ByBill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Founded In 1999
Session2024 – 2025
Recipients Meritorious Students belonging to Low Household Income Religious Minorities
CountryUnited States of America
Aid TypeMonetary and Career Support
Number of Awards 1,000 per year
Application ModeOnline
Commencement of Application To be Announced
Last Date to Apply To be Announced

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Aim of the Scholarship

The prime aim of the scholarship is to support students belonging to low household incomes. They are the very potential future of the nation, and they must be financially assisted.

American minorities form a huge part of society and the kids form the hierarchy as well. Thus, to keep them empowered and promulgate knowledge in the communities, the scholarship poses an objective.

The students who are aiming to qualify for the Gates Millennium Scholarship program will be supported in a financial manner. Additionally, they shall be receiving social support so that they can grow in all aspects and terms.

The founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, has mentioned that the scholarship programs intend to improve educational opportunities and help build a stronger America.

The scholars will be influenced and inspired to take up leadership roles, and thus, the Gates Millennium Scholarship providers will work in the same direction.

The students will further turn in to become great leaders in different organisations, nations, and aspects. A future with competent leaders is envisaged by the foundation through this program.

Number of Awards

As mentioned above, the foundation funds 1000 students out of a lot of applicants, every year. Students belonging to low-income households will be supported, and merit will play a very important role.

Award Details

The students will be monetarily supported and mentored further to build a highly sustainable and bright future. In order to do so, not only do they require coverage of their educational and relative expenses but also proper guidance.

Further, success is only fueled when talented candidates will be receiving the right opportunities. Thus, the foundation will bring them closer to all sorts of amenities that their career needs for holistic growth.

As far as expenditure is concerned, the authorities at the foundation will try to fund all that the students and their households can’t afford due to low levels of income. These expenses shall not be limited only to the tuition fees of the candidates.

They shall also sponsor accommodation expenses, personal allowances, transportation, book expenditures, costs of academic necessities, and much more. The funding entirely depends on the selection status, available funds, and the requirements of the applicants. Thus, there is no fixed amount on what a student shall be receiving.

The authorities responsible for the deliverance of the award of the scholarship will ensure that the awardees receive all the necessary guidance.

The students who will be selected will eventually be linked to professionals and experts in the fields. They will be further provided with complete mentorship apart from their college and university professors, in the aspects they require. The scholars will be informed of various opportunities to learn and develop a career.

The scholarship will recognise the talent and help the students grow in a direction that benefits the future of America. Thus, they shall contribute in every way possible. The students will be supported in all dimensions in which they are unable to sustain themselves.

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Eligibility for the Gates Millennium Scholarship

The Scholarship program is only for a limited number of students, as the benefits that they try to provide are exclusive. Thus, the students must be eligible. Eligibility is the first and foremost condition in terms of selection.

Ineligible candidates shall not benefit from the program or even be considered for it. Thus, only eligible students are promulgated to apply for the scholarship program. The aspirants must satisfy the following conditions in order to be viewed as potential prospects for the scholarship:

  • The scholarships are only for students who have passed high school.
  • Authorities shall only fund the citizens of the United States or permanent residents of the nation.
  • Gates Millennium Scholarship awards are only for ethnical minorities in the country. Thus, the student shall either be American Indian, African American, Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, or Hispanic American.
  • Authorities have announced that they shall help pell-eligible candidates. This implies that the candidates who have a distinctive and lucid financial need to earn a graduate or post-graduate degree shall only be provided with the program’s benefits.
  • The applicants must have scored a GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent in the last academic level attended.
  • The student should have applied to a full-time, four-year degree program in a United States accredited, not-for-profit, private or public college or university.
  • The preferred candidate would have to belong to the top 10% of their class or have an extremely outstanding academic record.
  • Candidates who have participated in community services, and relative events and have displayed exceptional leadership skills will be considered more for the scholarship in comparison to the other candidates.
  • Attributes such as emotional maturity, patience, perseverance, and much more will be taken into consideration and will act as a preference.

Documents Required for Scholarship

To prove eligibility for the Gates Millennium Scholarship and be considered, the students who shall be applying will have to furnish certain documents. Thus, the following documents must be possessed by the potential applicants before they apply:

  • Proof of Residence or citizenship of the candidate in the United States of America.
  • The candidates must submit evidence of them belonging to any of the notified communities.
  • Proof of tribal enrollment is a necessary document for candidates who are American Indian or Alaska Native.
  • All the transcripts of the previous years and important academic levels have to be submitted by the candidates.
  • Further, the authorities will require the candidates to submit all the relative documents in order to prove their achievements, extracurricular participation, and much more.
  • The students must also submit documents that they feel are relevant and will make them a preferable candidate.
  • Authorities will require an admission letter only if the candidates have received one.

How to Apply for Gates Millennium Scholarship?

The candidates seeking to apply for the Gates Millennium Scholarship in 2024 need to observe that they shall be offered assistance before 2024 – 2025. Thus, the aspirants must apply accordingly.

The applications for the 2024 – 2025 session are closed, and the students will be awarded soon. Currently, the authorities have not yet notified regarding the dates for the commencement of the application or the deadlines.

  1. Open the official portal for the Gates Millennium Scholarship at
  2. On the main page, check the topmost menu and tap on the tab Scholarship Application.
  3. The dedicated scholarship page will open up will all the relative details for the scholarship.
  4. All the dates-related information and much more will be listed on the portal page. The candidates can check the status of the application and choose to apply accordingly.
  5. Nextly, head to the button for Start Profile.
  6. A “Create an Account” page will subsequently open up on the screen.
  7. Enter First Name, Last Name, Birthdate, Profile, Email, Confirm Email, Password, and Confirm Password.
  8. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  9. To prove that you are Not a Robot, fill in the captcha.
  10. Lastly, tap on Create Account button.
  11. Once you enter all the details, the authorities will require you to verify the email mentioned in the Create Account form.
  12. Head to your mailbox and tap on the link mentioned in the mail as sent by the authorities for verification.
  13. Once the account is verified, use the email and created password in order to Sign In.
  14. Log in to the User Dashboard and fill out each section in order to enter the details of your candidature.
  15. Complete your profile and upload the supportive documents if needed.
  16. The scholarship program will be listed.
  17. Tap on the respective option to fill out the form.
  18. In the application form, fill out all the details pertaining to the candidature and upload the respective documents as required by the authorities.
  19. Next, the candidates must review the form in order to ensure that they are sending the correct details. The authorities shall make the selections initially entirely on the basis of the application form. Thus, you must make sure that they are correctly filled.
  20. After the form review, submit the online application.

Selection Procedure for the Gates Millennium Scholarship

The authorities have very clearly announced that they shall consider a lot of factors before awarding the scholarship.

It does depend on academic intelligence but factors such as economic requirements, expenses, attributes of the student, and so much more. Thus, the candidates must ensure they mention everything they can in their scholarship application.

There are only a limited number of scholarships that are available to the students and the benefits that the authorities offer are multiple. Thus, it is extremely competitive. Merit List will automatically play a huge role.

Important Links

Check For MoreGates Millennium Scholarship Official Website
Apply Sign Up form to Create an Account


How many scholarships are awarded under the Gates Millennium Scholarship Program?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation award 1000 scholarships every year under the Gates Millennium Scholarship program.

What are the dates for application for the Gates Millennium Scholarship program?

The authorities are currently awarding scholarship awards to the applicants for the scholarship of session 2024 – 25. The application procedure for the scholarship of session 2024 – 2025 will commence soon. The students can expect that the application procedure for the Gates Millennium Scholarship will start in July 2024 and will wind up in September 2024. For exact dates and timely updates, check this space perpetually.

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