Built Ford Tough Scholarship Program 2024; Application, Deadline

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By Hrishi

Built Ford Tough Scholarship: Ford Motor Company supports the Ford Build Tough Scholarship program 2024 in their ongoing $1 million annual support to be given to each Kansas FFA member. Eligibility to get through this scholarship is the beneficiary student has to be a current college goer or should be a high school senior.

This scholarship, along with the other scholarships run by the company, is a part of the Build Ford Tough collegiate program scholarship. Since 1998, the Ford Truck Scholarships have connected local ford members with the FFA members in their communities. Ford company has a core principle of believing in offering extended education opportunities.

Built Ford Tough Scholarship Program

Grant program for FFA chapters through Build Ford Tough

The local ford dealers extend their support to provide this scholarship in their marketing area. Each of the six NAAE regions received an amount of $3000 from Ford trucks to support an FFA chapter.

For each chapter to be eligible for this funding there must be at least three candidates for Build Ford Tough- FFA scholarship and must have a local Ford dealer participating.

The whole arrangement of this scholarship has been divided into 6 regions which are,

Region 1Tilamook High School FFA
Region 2Scott Community High School FFA
Region 3West Central High School FFA
Region 4North West Technical School FFA
Region 5Berrien High School FFA
Region 6Buffalo Gap High School FFA

Why one needs a Scholarship?

There is a need for financial aid to support the education of many individual societies, business houses, and individuals, and the educational institute itself came forward. The main idea behind the support is that if an individual is this brilliant that through his hard work and ideas, they will be able to make a difference in society, then money should not be the issue in pursuing that dream. There are various types of scholarships that are available.

The main aim of giving a financial grant is to look after the fact that an individual may find it hard enough to support their education because of his poor financial conditions. A financial grant is available in different ways through a scholarship, the form of financial grants, form, of loans, many universities also support their students and provide them with the opportunity to work part-time to earn some money and support their institution fees.


Majorly depends on your academics, and grades throughout your performance in sports and other curricular activities.


Grant is given to those students basis of their needs.


Many universities provide assistance for getting loans to support the expenditure happening in tuition fees etc. One needs to repay the loan in a given specified time.

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Description Of the Built Ford Tough Scholarship

  • A student who has set some higher goals and has planned higher education can benefit from such a scholarship, which The National FFA Foundation, different businesses, and other individuals have supported.
  •  The National FFA supports all areas of agriculture under their agriculture, whether for college, trade school, or certifications.
  •  Just one application is required for various other FFA-granted scholarships, combined, these opportunities have a total worth of around $2 million.

History of the Built Ford Tough Scholarship

  • It started in the year 1998 the sole purpose of Ford company is to provide enough education opportunities.
  • By now, more than $13 million in scholarships have been awarded by Ford dealers and corporates across the nation.
  •  Ford will match 414 scholarships nationwide from Ford Dealers and five that do not have a participating Dealer.
  •  Since 1997, almost 5,000 FFA members have benefited from this cause. They have received a wholesome greater than $5 million as a scholarship.
  •  Each dealer has a beautiful opportunity to sponsor as many as $1000 scholarships as they choose.

Procedure to apply for Built Ford Tough Scholarship Program 2024

  • One who wants to take the advantage of this scholarship program has to go online and fill up an application form and submit it. They then have to visit a local Ford Truck Dealer for getting the required signature and dealer code.
  • Up to 500 such scholarships will be awarded through FFA and participating Ford Truck Dealers.
  • 5 such scholarships will be awarded to those special cases who are able to get the signature and dealer code of Ford Truck dealers but do not live in that area of dealers.
  • This scholarship has been awarded to full-time students at any accredited two-year or four-year college or university in the United States.

For the online submission of the form, you can visit this webpage. To understand the other guidelines will be mentioned in this blog later on.

What is the National FFA scholarship programme?

While applying for the FFA scholarship program you should keep things in mind

  • You should have an active FFA membership number, and along with that, you must have an associated FFA.org e-mail address.
  •  You need to have a valid e-mail ID which you will also use after graduating from high school.
  •  You are needed to upload all the academic transcripts into the system.
  • All the necessary FAFSA information will be based on your financial needs.

You may visit this page if you forgot your FFA ID

Deadline and other important details for Built Ford Tough Scholarship Program 2024

  • The deadline usually set for this scholarship is February month of every year.
  • Around 500 scholarships are awarded each year through FFA.
  • The awarded value for this is usually $1000 per scholarship.
  • This scholarship is generally awarded based on your school ranking, GPA, and SAT/ACT score.

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