Case Western Theater Scholarship 2024 – How to Apply For New Session?

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By Hrishi

The Case Western Reserve University Department of Theater started the Case Western Theater Scholarship. This was one of the finest and one of the very first academic theatre programs In the United States of America, founded in 1930 by the famous Barclay Leathem.

This merit-based scholarship is available to students who believe they have an interest and want to pursue a career in theatre. According to this scholarship’s merits, every year, total tuition fees are awarded to the students who intend to major in theater.

Two other $10,000 scholarships are being provided to those students who intend to minor in theater and to those students who want to pursue theater as an extracurricular activity at CWRU.

Case Western Theater Scholarship
Case Western Theater Scholarship

Case Western Theater Scholarship 2024

All new Case Western Reserve University freshman who wants to major, minor, or even wanted to pursue theatre as an extracurricular activity are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to those students who auditioned and were then interviewed by the panel. A significant student who is awarded this scholarship will get a full tuition scholarship.

The students applying for the scholarship at the university must fill out an application form, submit it, and then be interviewed by the panel accordingly.

Necessary information about Case Western Theater Scholarship 2024

  • Case Western Theater Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship available for theater students.
  • The first week of March of every year is very important as The Department of Theater will do the selection for all the scholarship recipients.
  • The CWRU Department of Admission will be notified of the award selection based on the panel’s judgment.
  •  In the second or third week of March, all the award winners will be contacted by CWRU Admissions.
  •  Though the CWRU theater department is not authorized to notify the awardees, only for those students who are applying for the scholarships, the audition and application are being processed.

Key features of Case Western Theater Scholarship

  • After getting this scholarship, all the tuition fees for the student will be excused, but that will not include room or board fees.
  •  Although this scholarship is renewable for 3 more years. In order to do that, the beneficiary student must declare that they are going to continue theatre as their major by the end of freshman year. In order to continue the benefits they are getting from this scholarship, they need to maintain the minimum grade decided.
  •  Students have to participate annually in some theatrical performances or some backstage performances and also have to maintain the minimum grades in order to continue the scholarship. The total amount awarded through this scholarship is $108,312.

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Requirements and deadline for Case Western Theater Scholarship 2024

The deadline for submission of the application form is February 26, 2024.

The aspiring students must submit all the required resources to the CWRU Application’s Art Supplement section. Keep in mind that all the required material, along with the application form and the Theater scholarship application, must be submitted.

If students are applying for more than one discipline they can submit multiple applications at once. To view the instructions for Art Supplement, please click here.

Interview instructions for different domains in Case Western Theater Scholarship 2024

There are different domains one can apply to pursue a career in theater.

  1. Design

Design is a bit conceptual, and all the students applying for the design concentration scholarship must submit a portfolio. The submitted portfolio will showcase their acting abilities, which can also include some rendering, sketches, paperwork, scale drawing, etc.

It will be an advantage if you have some past years of experience in a similar domain. The prior experience can be in art, architecture, cosplay, photography, and graphics.

The portfolio that needs to be submitted by you can be in a scrapbook format or in any online platform. It is demanded that the everything should be arranged in a presentation with a good labelling of important information. You can either upload your presentation and summarised it in one PDF document.

2. Acting

You need to prepare one monologue and memorize it of your choice from the given topics. The selected monologue topic must be from a modern or classic drama, and it should be within the time limit of 2 minutes for each candidate.

You may need to prepare 16 bars of music, but in this case, it is not a mandate. You may be asked to sing a capella, or with a device, you instead may be provided with an accompanist.

You may be asked to link your video with your CWRU application or upload it if you are seeking for the Art Supplement.

3. Stage Management

Students interested in stage management need to bring their stage management (SM) binders, copies of the script that are worked upon along with the cues written in.

They may also submit any documentation or paper showcasing their skill in stage management, for example, managing or coordinating a large group of people, multitasking, and communication skills. You need to submit everything in one PDF or presentation form.

4. Playwriting or Dramatic writing

Students interested in playwriting or dramatic writing must submit a 10-page sample showcasing playwriting or screenwriting at least one week before the final interview.

You can submit your part of writing from a long and total work, for example, a short film script, short play, etc. Although dramatic writing is preferred, you can submit parts of your screenwriting such as essays, poems, and short tales.

5. Directing

Those students who are interested in choosing direction as their major must need to submit a portfolio. It should contain a 1-page resume showcasing all your theatre experience in acting, directing, or stage management.

One or two pages should be dedicated to your vision and concept for an already published play, or it can be a musical that you are interested in directing. It must be audience driven, how do you want your audience will perceive your concept?

Candidates need to showcase any photographs if they are linked with any production before, though it is not mandatory. However, you need to speak up for your passion and vision for directing.

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