AAMI Foundation Michael J. Miller Scholarship 2024 – Application Process Online, Dates

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By Hrishi

AAMI Foundation Michael J. Miller Scholarship: If you are eyeing to become a healthcare system engineer and have of studying biomedical technical equipment being a profound technician, or a health technology specific engineer which may include clinical engineering also. You must aim to get the AAMI Foundation Scholarship. In this upcoming year 2024, a total of 6 scholarship awards will be announced by the AAMI foundation with $3000 each.

The aim of the AAMI Foundation HSEA Health System Engineering Scholarship is to develop the mindset and uplift those students who want to enter the field of professional health system engineering and excel in this field by grabbing some excellent career opportunities. The AAMI and scholarships like these help those students who have completed two years in their graduate study at the masters and are at doctorate levels along with undergraduates who are in the junior or above third year and want to apply for health system engineering.

AAMI Foundation Michael J. Miller Scholarship 2024

In all these scholarships one scholarship will be awarded in particular to an individual who is studying to become an engineer in the health system. It should be a joint effort between AAMI Foundation and HSEA which is Health Systems Engineering Association.

Apart from this five of those scholarships will be awarded to those students who are eyeing to become biomedical equipment technicians or s health technology-specific engineers.

In addition to the scholarship reward the chosen student will receive complimentary registration, and travel along with the accommodation to attend the AAMI Exchange in Long Beach, CA.

Those students who are applying for this scholarship must be about to join a full-time college or are currently pursuing the college. There should be one thing common among these students they must be seeking a career in the healthcare technology profession. The university or colleges they opted for the high studies must be well-reputed and accredited. To successfully be a potential candidate for this scholarship one must show skills which are a combination of technical aptitude, and excellence throughout academics and must be committed to the health technology profession.

AAMI Foundation Michael J. Miller Scholarship
AAMI Foundation Michael J. Miller Scholarship

The eligibility of getting the scholarship

The eligible candidates who want to apply for this scholarship must be full-time college or university-going students they can have just entered one also. The key thing here is that the current students in June 2023 can also be eligible to get this scholarship.

Those candidates who are applying for this scholarship not only have an interest in the field of healthcare systems engineering but have also completed a healthcare system coursework, internship, and senior design project focusing on healthcare systems. This type of program typically includes degrees which are in industrial engineering, management science, operational research and other related fields. Apart from that the core criteria are that the applicant needs to show a combination of academic advancement also technically sound in the area of health systems profession.

Writing an essay and submitting the application form

The candidates who are applying for this scholarship must submit a 500-700 words essay on the topic of whether they find themselves fit into the profession of health systems in support of this statement they can use to describe their academic excellence and dedication towards the field. In the essay, the candidate must show the combination of their technical aptitude, academic excellence and their dedication towards healthcare technology.

  • Along with the submission of the essay you need to submit an application form for the students who are studying and want to become a technician in biomedical equipment or want to do engineering in health technology which may include clinical engineering.  
  • There is one more type of application for those individuals studying to become a health system engineer from the AAMI foundation scholarship.

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Scholarship award money, checklist and deadline

  • The total scholarship is going to be awarded to six candidates this year for $3000 each.
  • You need to submit an essay of 500-700 words (the outline of the essay has already been discussed in this blog).
  • Along with all these things you need to submit two letters of transcripts from the professional contract.
  • You need to fill out the application form online as provided in this link.
  • The deadline to submit an online application form, essay, and transcripts along with the 2 letters of recommendation is before 27 January 2023.

Keynotes for Scholarship Applicants

  • Once you are shortlisted for this scholarship to get the award check the authorities of this scholarship might ask you to provide proof of course registration.
  •  All the scholarship level disputes will be addressed by the AAMI award committee, all the final recipients will be decided by them only and the decision taken by the committee will be final. The final decision of the committee will be confidential.
  •  All those students who have been shortlisted for the scholarship award will be notified in writing by May 1, 2023. All the recipients will be announced on AAMI’s website, and AAMI publications and will be invited to the AAMI exchange in Long Beach, CA.
  • In case the scholarship recipient drops out of college or, in some cases, moves out of the program, they may need to return the award funding to the AAMI Foundation.
  • Although candidates can fill for both the scholarships offered by the AAMI Foundation and the HSEA scholarship, they can be awarded only one per year.

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