How Long Should a Cover Letter Be in 2024?

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By Hrishi

Many changes happened over the last decade regarding how to apply for a white-collar job. Nowadays, companies or hiring agencies not only look for your skills and educational background, which your CV can speak loud and clear.

They also want to check your presentability; there are so many applicants who are equally qualified for the job. Companies find it very tough to align all the applications and line up the interview.

Incomes the cover letter, a cover letter acts as a doorway to the resume and your job skills. Often, if you attach a well-written cover letter with your resume, the recruiter pays attention to the cover letter first; if it is convincing enough, they may only move up to your resume.

Do not worry about all the fuzz of how to write an effective cover letter. We will cover all your igniting questions as we go deep into this blog, so stay with us.

How Long Should a Cover Letter Be

What is a cover letter?

  • A cover letter is a written document to be sent with the resume by the applicant applying for the job.
  • A cover letter shows the applicant’s interest in the open position in the company.
  • As mentioned earlier, it is the doorway towards your resume, so many times the recruiter wants to judge you before seeing your profile.
  • A well-written cover letter suggests how you are eligible for that open position; it also outlines your credentials that speak about your interests and suitability.
  • If you make a mistake while writing a cover letter, the chance of refusal to get an interview is greater.

Why write a cover letter?

  • Most of the job openings are opened on online job portals. The applicants who apply for the job send their resume and cover letter by filling up the online form or mailing the hard copies.
  • A resume speaks about your career, highlighting your academic choices, grading, special mentions, and the experience you have gained in school or college.
  • A cover letter is more of a sales pitch which tells the recruiter why they should look up to your profile. The applicant’s credibility makes them apply for the job and why they are suited for the open position.

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Preparation while writing a cover letter and the necessary things to involve in it

Although writing a cover letter requires a lot of effort from the candidate. They have to be very precise about the information they will provide. Normally, it is a half-page to one-page document, where the candidate has to keep all the necessary salutations along with the main agenda.

Do the necessary research before writing a cover letter

  • Doing research generally helps the individual not only while writing a perfect cover letter but also in other aspects of life.
  • You can start by reading the job description well and understand the KRAs and basic requirements of the position.
  • Before writing a perfect cover letter, we can check the company website and social media handles. Especially go through their Twitter, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn pages. Going through these social media pages lets you learn about the company’s culture, new product launches, special services, etc.
  • You also get a hint at how their senior management engages with the public on social media. You can go through the LinkedIn profiles of different employees in that company.
  • Proactively, you can send a LinkedIn message to the HR of the company, smartly take some necessary steps, and give an introduction. All these things may stand out during your interview.

Start with a punchline

  • People often start their cover letters on a very suppressive note, they tend to describe it as if they saw this opening somewhere, which is why they are applying.
  • Be bold and smart in opening your cover letter. Establish the fact that you have all the inherent qualities, skills, and experience that make you the perfect candidate for the job.
  • Never try to be funny in the letter. If you are, we will see about that later. Being witty can go negative in your approach as recruiting manager may sense some casual behavior. This can be very dangerous for your future.
  • Be straightforward and bold to explain precisely how you can be a perfect match.

The tone should be friendly and polite.

  • It is a well-established fact how it is said is equally important to what was said. Watch your tone while writing a cover letter.
  • You cannot sound desperate to get a job. It does not matter about the degrees, experience, and knowledge you possess, but being desperate is a sign of weakness.
  • Avoid flattery; you should not lure your recruiter by writing flatter words. It is always considered a bad practice.
  • Always be professional while writing a cover letter, and stick to the points that should be conveyed.

Keep the letter short and precise, and get the necessary feedback

  • Nobody likes to read a full story when there are time boundaries. You need to be very precise and accurate about what you want in your cover letter.
  • You know what to keep and what not to keep in your letter; jot those points and spin up a good cover letter.
  • You may keep various things in mind while writing a cover letter. After your research, when you start writing a letter, be precise, as the recruiting manager might go through it in a hurry. 
  • One thing you should avoid while writing a cover letter is being funny, flattery, and desperate. Another thing to consider is avoiding writing a generic cover letter and copying and pasting it. The letter should be in accordance with the Job Description.
  • Once you finish the letter, proofreading it and taking necessary feedback is good practice. Sometimes, you get overwhelmed while writing the letter about the necessary things to keep in the letter. Always show it to people close to you and working in different domains. You might get a valid suggestion also.

How Long Should a Cover Letter be?

As suggested, the cover letter should not be very long. You need to be very precise and accurate while writing a cover letter.

It can be a maximum of half a page long, the part of the cover letter without salutations. It should be, at most, three paragraphs also.

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