April Facebook Settlement Claim 2024 – Checks Payment Status, Form & Privacy, Lawsuit, Biometric

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By CRPIT Editor

April Facebook Settlement Claim 2024—All users who are waiting for the Facebook Settlement Claim 2024 in April have landed on the right page. We have gathered as much information as we can on this page. Facebook is not leaving the headlines due to the settlement case. Users who have submitted the claim form are waiting to get the payment date. Scroll down the page to get information such as payment status, form, privacy, and more.

Facebook Settlement Claim 2024
Facebook Settlement Claim 2024

About Facebook Settlement Claim Lawsuit

Millions of Facebook users claim that Facebook is sharing their data, and a lawsuit was filed against its parent company, Meta. After a while, the parent company announced that a certain amount would be provided to all consumers whose privacy was interfered with as a settlement.

As per the reports, the court ordered Meta to settle the case by paying the fine of $25 Million to the government along with distributing $725 Million to the customers as a settlement. As per the reports, there is a high chance that eligible customers will get the last payment within a few months of the 2024 year. A large number of users filled out the application form to get the benefits of the settlement amount. 

How to submit the form for the April Facebook Settlement Claim?

A certain process must be followed by individuals if they want to get the claim amount for April 2024. Below is the detailed process explained through which the form can be submitted easily:

  • The first and foremost step in the process is to check whether the candidates are eligible to receive the settlement claim. To do this, one must review the eligibility criteria and then return to this section to learn the next steps.
  • The process will commence once you get hold of the application form, which will be available on the official website. The application form will ask for some basic and advanced details. Enter all the details carefully and proceed with the process after rechecking.
  • Based on the type of claim selected by applicants, they will have to upload the supporting documents to the application form.
  • After that, go through the claim form once again and make changes if any mistake is found.
  • Finally, submit the form. The concerned authority will review it, and if it is found relevant, the applicant will be selected for the settlement claim amount.

Facebook Settlement Claim Payment Status

All people who have filed for the claim are waiting impatiently to know the payment date of the April Facebook Settlement Claim 2024. Please note that there is no official notice or announcement which indicates the exact date of releasing the claim amount. The date of payment depends on various factors like the number of valid claims and others. Individuals can check the status of the claim by visiting the official website and providing the credentials that might be sent to them after a successful registration process.

Facebook Settlement Claim Payout Date

It is expected that every registered person for the claim will get around $30. Before August 2023, the concerned officials approved around 17 million claims. The amount that will be paid to individuals will be different, depending on the duration of the Facebook account.

According to Judge Vince Chhabria’s decision, the amount must be distributed to people 90 days after the final decision. Thus, the amount will be distributed in early March/April/May 2024. The mode used by the authority to distribute the claim will depend on the mode selected by people in the claim form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of Facebook Settlement Claims are available?
The following are the types of claims:
1. Facebook Data Breach Claims: Individuals who believe that their data was compromised due to a data breach of Facebook, including unauthorized access to user information.
2. Facebook Privacy Violation Claims: Facebook’s data practices, Such as unauthorized sharing of user data with third parties, violated privacy rights.
3. Facebook Ad Targeting Claims: Readers who feel that they were subject to unfair or discriminatory ad targeting.
4. Facebook Account Security Claims: Users believe that there is a problem with the security of their Facebook accounts, such as unauthorized access.

When can we expect the Facebook Settlement Claim?
The authority is expected to release the Facebook Settlement Claim Payment in April 2024. However, no confirmation can be made as the official announcement from the Facebook parent company has yet to be made.

Who is eligible for the April Facebook Settlement Claim?
Given below are some of the eligibility which must be fulfilled to become eligible for the settlement claim:
1. All the citizens of America who have a Facebook account between 24 May 2007 to 22 December 2022 are eligible for the claim.
2. One must have submitted the claim form offered by the company before the deadline.

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