Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship 2024: How to Apply Online?

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The Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship is one of the most famous scholarships, and it is very important to students who are trying to secure financing for their education. This type of scholarship or grant helps those students who are academically brilliant and eyeing to get an advanced degree course in their carrier to secure a good job. 

Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship 2024

Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship

The Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship is a scholarship program that operates on an international level, and the basis of this is well within the United States of America.

What is Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship 2024?

The Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship works on a very noble cause as it provides the necessary financial aid to those students who have shown their calibre during their schooling and are brilliant academically and otherwise.

They distinguish the students by their evaluation process of providing the scholarship on various prerequisites and criteria. Once the applicant successfully qualifies for those criteria, they will receive the scholarship. The scholarship amount varies per year. 

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Prerequisites for the scholarship

The Jellison Benevolent Society checks various factors before awarding the scholarship amount to the right candidate.

  • They will check your academic inclination. Usually, these types of scholarships demand the student to be good academically. They should have a clear vision of how they want to go about their feature; for that, they may need to maintain their GPA during school.
  • You must have athletic ability; you need to perform well in the field too. This means they check the all-around performance of an applicant. Be it extracurricular activities or voluntary work.
  • The last thing can be if you have declared the financial need. This is the condition when the applicant and their family are not able to provide financial assistance for education.

By far, we have discussed what is The Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship, its foundation, and core values as to why they provide the scholarships. There are a few perquisites you need to obey before filling out the application to get this scholarship.

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Filling out the application form for The Jellison Benevolent Society Scholarship

The application form will be available in pdf format which may ask for some basic information about the candidate applying for this scholarship. This is a 4-page application form. We will guide you page-wise so that you can fill this form in a good manner.

Step 1: The first page of the application form is an open letter from The Jellison Benevolent Society, where they have mentioned the grant.

Step 2: On the second page, you start providing details name, address, college ID etc.

Then, you have to mention the name of the college that you are planning to attend, and also mention the area in which you will be pursuing your major.

You have to attach the transcripts along with the application form. The transcripts can be from your high school or college if applicable. With that, you need to provide a copy of SAT Scholastic Assessment Test or ACT American College Testing test score.

You need to mention Father and Mother’s occupation detail, estimate earnings, and education.

Step 3: Here, you have to mention if you have applied for and received another grant. Specify the funds and the time when you will receive them.

You have to mention two teacher references with their phone numbers. 

Step 4: On the last page, you have to mention the extra-curricular activities in which you actively participated during your school time or the college if you are attending one.

Then you have to mention all the sports you have taken part in during your school time or the college if you are attending one.

Awards and recognition you have received during your school time or in college if you are already attending one. Mention any specific accomplishments during your school days or college if you are attending one.

Lastly, you can provide any additional details that might help in making a decision.

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