Hagan Scholarship Foundation 2024 – Online Application Form

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By Hrishi

Hagan Scholarship Foundation is a countrywide need-based merit scholarship. A need-based scholarship is one that evaluates the financial needs of an individual, and based on that, a scholarship is given. The main aim of this scholarship is a debt-free college education for students.

Those students applying for this scholarship must be enrolled in a traditional public high school that a school district must govern. According to this scholarship, many important life lessons and sill developments cannot be typically covered under the school curriculum. Under this program, Hagan Scholarship provides free workshops, free Schwab brokerage accounts, and free study abroad. This scholarship can be extended for a total of the four-year extra semesters after undergraduate to pursue graduate studies.

Hagan Scholarship Foundation 2024

Hagan Scholarship Program offers up to $6000 per semester for college attendance, conducting workshops to learn some crucial life skills and technics that are not usually covered during a college course.

Another $1000 is given for buying college necessities and another $1000 to open a personal brokerage account. $15000 HSF brokerage account to manage, and up to $8000 is given for studying and travelling abroad.

  • The applicant applying for the scholarship must have attended a traditional public high school in the United States of America governed by a district.
  • The applicant must enroll in an eligible four-year college program or University in the first semester after high school graduation.
  • The applicant must have maintained a four-year or less graduation schedule. He must have worked 240 hours per year from 1 January until the beginning of the fall semester in the college or university.
  • Work that may be treated as employment must be regularly scheduled, supervised under some guidance, and compensated.
  • The applicant must give the first five pages of Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Student Aid Report (SAR), and the EFC at the beginning of the application.
  • The candidate cannot have a felony conviction on their record.
  • The total amount of all scholarships, awards, grants, waivers, and one-half of the recipient’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) will be subtracted, which is solely used to calculate the distribution amount, not required to be paid.
  • The Hagan Scholarship Foundation also provides a mandatory free workshop in the summers.

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Necessary condition and Eligibility for Hagan Scholarship Program

  • Recipients of the Hagan Scholarship must be graduated from a public high school in a county with fewer than 50,000 residents, or they must be graduated from a small rural public high school located inside a county of more than 50,000 residents.
  • The recipient must be among the top 20% of their high school graduating class, have scored a 3.75 cumulative grade point average, and be ranked by the institution. 
  • The financial need of an individual is the basis of this scholarship; the student who is applying for this scholarship must have the ability to succeed in the future.
  • The applicant who has applied for the scholarship’s gross household income must be under $85000 as it must be reported for federal income tax purposes as of 2021.
  • The household income here refers to the sum of all household members’ income who are living under one roof.
  • The eligible candidate must have submitted Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Expected Family Contribution EFC.
  • The eligible student must submit an application for any available federal and state funds.
  • Hagan Scholarship strongly believes a highly determined achiever, a goal-oriented student who might require some financial support to complete their college education and start a better life, is the rightful candidate for this scholarship award.

Points to remember after getting a Hagan Scholarship

  • The recipient of the Hagan Scholarship must maintain a four-year or less graduation schedule.
  • The recipient must have achieved a minimum of 3.0 GPA per semester and needs to maintain a minimum of 3.25 CGPA and Complete a minimum of 30 credits.

Scholarship value and the deadline for the scholarship

  • The deadline for submitting the application form is 15 January 2023.
  • The submitted application will be reviewed to check the eligibility; it is determined by the submission quality (everything should be placed), whatever is instructed.
  • Applicants will be notified of their application status.
  • Only the shortlisted finalist will be provided with further notification.
  • The scholarship will be awarded in March 2023.
  • Finalists eligible for the scholarship but not just awarded are subject to further required information and will receive $2000.

Eligibility for schools, colleges, and universities hour Hagan Scholarship

  • All the traditional schools in the United States of America which are governed by school districts automatically become eligible.
  • All the traditional four-year colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations are accredited as one of the six regional accreditors in the United States of America. They must enroll more than 500 students who are eligible for this scholarship.
  • In that case, if you are an applicant for Hagan Scholarship and are planning to attend any eligible institution, it is not on the eligible list of Hagan-eligible colleges and universities. That particular college will be added to the list once you are awarded the scholarship.
  • Hagan Scholarship is not valid if you are attending a community college or joining an online institution.

You can get further information after visiting haganscholarships.org

Hagan Scholarship at a glance

  • More than 2,933 scholarships have been provided to date.
  • The students who received the Hagan Scholarship have attended more than 429 colleges and universities in over 48 states.
  • Undergraduate scholarships it worth $48000 over four years.
  • For graduate scholarship, it is worth up to $24000 over four years.

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