Canada Grocery Rebate 2024: Is Your Household Receiving Payments This January?

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By Naomi Craft

Canadian citizens eligible for a grocery rebate can apply for it by filling in an application form, after making sure they’re eligible for it. Its main aim is to mitigate the high prices of groceries due to inflation. This article in particular will discuss eligibility criteria, application procedure, and financial taxes associated with the Grocery Rebate 2024.

Canada Grocery Rebate 2024

The announcement regarding the Grocery Rebate was made on April 3 2023 by the Canada Revenue Agency and came into effect on May 11, 2023. According to it, Canadian citizens can gain a certain amount in their respective bank accounts based on eligibility criteria like income and income tax filing. The purpose of this money is to provide temporary relief from the inflated grocery amounts.

As per the official information the rebate will be distributed amongst those who have filed their 2021 tax return. It is also worth mentioning that the Canadian government issued Bill C-46 to help citizens with the rising cost of living in Canada, especially with the cost of groceries which showed an increase of 5 to 7%.

This measure is typically taken for households with modest to low-income levels.

Canada Grocery Rebate 2024: Eligibility Criteria

To be able to receive the Canada Grocery 2024 one must make sure that they comply with the following conditions:

  1. The candidate should be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  2. The age of the person has to be at least 19 years.
  3. The person should’ve filed a tax return for 2021, the amount of the grocery will be determined based on the filing report
  4. Income required to have: The income requirements for the Grocery rebate are:
    • Single Applicants: For the single candidates it is expected their annual income to be less than $45,000.
    • Couples: People with a spouse or common-law partner should have their annual household needs to be below or equal to $65,000.
  5. If the person is receiving their HST/GST credit then they will automatically receive this payment in their respective bank accounts if they’re eligible for it.
  6. People with different situations in their family will attain the rebate amount in different sums such as the couples abiding by the income levels will receive their higher than a certain margin than single eligible candidates.

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Who is getting Grocery Rebate Payments in January 2024?

If one fits either one of the below-mentioned criteria then it is highly likely that they will be receiving a Grocery Rebate Payment in January 2024:

  1. The candidates receiving the HST/GST credit(tax-free credit sent out to the bank accounts of individuals and families with low to modest income levels.) are eligible for the Grocery Rebate Payments.
  2. The rebate is designed to assist families with low-income levels and more families thus, people with families will receive the rebate amount if their income is less than $65,000 and $63,946 for those with four children.
    Single candidates will gain the amount if their amount is less than $49,166 and become ineligible as soon as the income exceeds the number mentioned.
  3. Rough Imagination of the rebate amount one can receive if they’re
    • A single person with no children, then they can receive up to $234, and with:
      • children up to 1 can get up to $387
      • 2 children the amount received becomes $467
      • similarly, $548 and $628 for 3 and 4 children respectively.
    • A couple has two children and the amount disbursed can be $467.
  4. The amount transferred will be double the GST/HST amount gained in 2023.
  5. The person can check their application status by visiting their CRA account.

Canada Grocery Rebate 2024: Application Procedure

You will automatically be considered for this grocery rebate if you manage to fulfill the required eligibility criteria for it, no different application form is essential to be filled out to receive this rebate.

Recalculation of GST/HST Credit

If the candidate who used to be a beneficiary of the scheme undergoes a betterment in their lifestyle and re-applies for the rebate a set of procedures will be followed to make sure they’re still eligible for it.

The HST/GST credit amount tends to get altered sometimes this can be due to either one or a combination of the following reasons:

  1. In case of any change of income of either you or your spouse after the reassessment of the tax return.
  2. Change in marital status.
  3. Increase in the number of dependent children.
  4. If the one receiving the GST/HST dies.

The CRA will send out a notification as soon as any of these circumstances change your credit amount and will notify the current credit amount as well. In situations where the CRA overpays the beneficiary more than the actual amount then the candidate shall be asked to return the rest for which the CRA will send out a notice too. To gather more information on the subject one can visit the official site of CRA.

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