PBWC Academic Scholarship Program 2024 – How to Apply Online, Eligibility, Dates

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By Hrishi

PBWC Academic Scholarship: In the year 1988, the PBWC also known as the Professional Business Women of California was founded. By some California State assemblywoman now presently a congresswoman Jackie Speier. Since then, it is helping the female leaders of tomorrow. In the present business world due to the initiatives taken by an organisation like PBWC, we are now seeing a lot of women in the top level management position, they work towards equality between the genders.

As stated earlier the chief aim of the Professional Business Women of California Academic Scholarship program is to provide a strong base for evolving businesswomen so that can rise and become a leader of the organisation for a greater tomorrow. This organisation starts from a very basic step as it helps with elementary studies with a community of support.

All the possible award winners of this scholarship must demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities. Leadership qualities can be demonstrated academically, during any volunteer work or maybe during an internship, it can be during involvement in and contribution to its development, some very notable or extraordinary academic or professional accomplishments these qualities always differ you from the rest of the group as it will make you stand out and show the responsibility of a group.

While awarding the scholarship the potential for a future career which can be demonstrated with your goal setting and how you pursue that and how beautifully you plan your career can also be noticed. This is a scholarship which is gender-based so all the females who are high school seniors and live in California USA are eligible for this scholarship.

The purpose of the PBWC scholarship and eligibility

According to the official PBWC announcement the academic scholarship program offers money to women who has shown some exceptional leadership skills in their academics and career so far this money will assist with the cost of their undergraduate studies. According to PBWC, they have given a total amount of scholarship money of over $450,000 as of 2022. This money has been successfully given to female high school seniors that include an individual grant of up to $15,000.

To be eligible for this scholarship the applicant has to fulfil certain norms and conditions as,

  • This scholarship is only meant for females living in California state.
  • You must be a current high school senior.
  • You must be from California only.
  • Other prerequisites can be that as a female you need to showcase your exceptional skills for being a leader. A leader is one who successfully represents a team and manages people.

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Applying for the Professional Business Women of California Academic Scholarship

The committee: The selection committee which will determine the fate of the scholarship includes PBWC Board Members and community volunteers. They are the responsible panel who will examine the applications and the decision taken by them is considered absolute.

While filling out the scholarship application one has to pay attention to the,

To fill out the complete application form. To complete the form, you need to fill in some basic questions asked like demographic details along with the name. There is one question where you have to mention any three reasons you want to choose this scholarship program. There are 5 sections to the application form and you need to be very careful before providing the answers.

An application is said to be complete as it consists of a 500-word personal essay. In the essay, you need to pay attention to four major things,

  1. You have to mention your personal history, which may also include extracurricular activities, difficulties that you have encountered throughout your life and how have encountered and overcome that.
  2. Show leadership skills are the main essence of this scholarship. To be a potential applicant for this scholarship you need to first define leadership as per your thinking, what are inherent qualities that demonstrate a leadership skill. The last part is that you have to mention if you have showcased your leadership skills in life.
  3. While writing all these points you need to mention the plans for your future, this may showcase what skills you have and how you go about it.
  4. The last question is a bit tricky and you need to show all your composure while answering it as you need to mention why you think this scholarship should go to you.

You need to submit three letters of reference. Two of them should be an academic letter of reference and one of them should be of non-academic background. None of your relatives can recommend you in the non-academic section.

Deadline, Scholarship amount and other necessary details

  • The last date for submitting the application form and other details of the PBWC scholarship is 27 January 2023.
  • The award value ranges from $1000 to $15,000 and a total of 10 scholars will be awarded.
  • In case the applicant receives the PBWC Academic Scholarship the total awarded money will be used at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee.
  • This scholarship is meant for California only.
  • Funds for the scholarship are sent directly to the school of the awardee.
  • PBWC is a non-profitable organisation which was supporting women since 1988. The scholarship has started in 2003.

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