Fisher House Foundation Scholarships for Military Children 2023

Fisher House Foundation Scholarships for Military Children 2023

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By Hrishi

Fisher House Foundation is a unique scholarship program where they have made a complete network of 92 comfort homes. The specialty of these comfort homes is that a loved one from an army or a veteran family is receiving treatment while the family members can stay there without any cost. This organization serves the United States of America as well as Europe all these residences are situated nearby hospitals or medical facilities and VA medical centers.

Fisher House Foundation Scholarships for Military Children 2023
Fisher House Foundation Scholarships for Military Children

In the locality built by Fisher Houses, there are more than 21 suites that involve private bedrooms and bathrooms. Since the beginning of this program, it has helped military and veteran families by providing them with expenses related to housing and transportation. This scholarship program known as the fisher house foundation scholarship was established to honor the sacrifices made by military families to the fighting forces and their commitment to being fully prepared for anything and to celebrate the role and importance of commissary that resides within the military families.

More about the scholarship

The scholarship which is responsible for military children’s educational growth is funded by Defence Commissary Agency which acts worldwide. This scholarship is awarded annually. There are over 500 scholarship grants that will be awarded this year and where each scholarship award is valued at $2000.As per the regulations of this scholarship, there must be one recipient selected at every commissary location. But this is not the only case as more than 1 applicant will be selected from those commissaries where there is more number of significant applicants.

Minimum criteria to apply for the scholarship

  • This scholarship is strictly based on army families so only those students can apply who have a valid USID which is Uniformed Services Identification. All those students who are eligible to apply for this scholarship must have a parent(s) who are serving on active duty in the Marine Corps, in the Navy, Army or Airforce, Coast Guard, Space Force, deceased, or retired from Army.
  • All those army kids who want to apply for this scholarship need to enroll or at least have the plan to get into a full-time undergraduate program which should lead to earning a bachelor’s degree. If not that is a community/junior college designed to allow for a direct transfer into a 4-year program.
  • This scholarship requires you to be a very bright student and must have done extraordinary things in academics maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in high school (0n a 4.0 basis).
  • All the candidates need to have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
  • To apply for this scholarship program, college freshmen must submit their first-semester transcripts.
  • One of the necessary conditions for this scholarship is that applicants or sponsors don’t need to reside on an installation with a commissary; they can choose the one that is closest to them or where they often shop.

Steps to apply for the scholarship

  1. To successfully apply for this scholarship, you are needed to apply online with a valid email address which must be remembered for any further process.
  2. Once you successfully enrolled in the program, a link was sent to your registered email ID for security purposes.
  3. After successfully logging in on the first page you need to fill in simple details like name, address, city, etc. The second page is like a declaration where you need to choose between if you have attended a semester of an undergraduate program or just have enrolled in the program.
  4. The next page will be for mentioning your previous 4 years of work experience if you have any. You need to fill all the extra-curricular activities and voluntary work done over the last 4 years
  5. After successfully submitting your work experiences and volunteer work you need to submit the transcripts or copy of your grades which must be from the fall of 2022. They are also willing to accept unofficial transcripts.
  6. In case you have selected the option that you have attended 1 semester of an undergraduate program from step 3 then you have to provide a first-semester college transcript.
  7. On this same page, you also need to validate your eligibility as a military dependent by entering your benefit number which you can easily find on the back of your US Uniformed Service Identification and Privileged Card.
  8. Then finally you need to write 500 words essay about a time when you have maximized an opportunity. You need to submit the application form with your and your sponsor/guardian’s signatures.

More about the scholarship

  • A $2000 scholarship cheque will be sent to the school or student’s home address. This process will be done till August 1, 2023.
  • This scholarship money can be treated as to pay for expenses that may include tuition fees, and books in accordance with IRS publication 1970. Some other expenditures like things that are required for specific classes are also allowed.
  • This scholarship can be given for a maximum of 4 years. There can be an exception where students have enrolled in an undergraduate program that requires more than 4 years to complete. All these exceptions are handled individually.

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