Furman University Wylie Math Scholarship – How to Apply online?

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By Hrishi

Furman University Wylie Math Scholarship: It is understandable why students consider Palmetto state of being one of the best locations for continuing their studies. Students have been known to come to Soth Carolina’s historic cities, such as Columbia and Charleston.

One of the greatest things to study in the state of South Carolina is that residency benefits include access to a scholarship from the college. There are various major universities in the state of Southern Carolina like.

Furman University Wylie Math Scholarship - How to Apply online

5 Major Universities of South Carolina

  1. The University of South Carolina (USC)

One of the oldest universities in The United States of America was founded in 1801 and is a public university in South Carolina. This university is also famous for providing various mathematics-based scholarships, and these are.

S.No.Scholarship NameDescription
1Cary K. Smith, Jr. Scholarship in MathThis is awarded yearly to that student who has shown leadership and excellence in the field of math.
2Jagdish Prasad Shrivastava Scholarship in MathThis is awarded on yearly basis to the most deserving undergraduate students.
3College of Science and Arts Rising Senior AwardThis scholarship is also awarded yearly to a student who has maintained a GPA of 3.50
4James Bruce Colman Scholarship in MathThis scholarship is awarded yearly to the most distinguished studying doing a major in math.
5Lovelace Family Endowed ScholarshipAwarded biannually by the mathematics department to a distinguished undergraduate math major who has excelled in mathematics.
6Polston Family Scholarship in MathThis scholarship is awarded to undergraduate student for their excellence.
7Thomas Markham Scholarship in MathAwarded every year to a student who has done a very good amount of mathematics-related co-curricular activities.
8Wyman L. William Scholarship Awarded to an undergraduate doing majors in mathematics, this scholarship can be renewed thrice in undergraduate years.
9Victor Laurie Undergraduate Research ScholarshipIt is based on a competitive application process and is awarded yearly who show some high and promising scopes in the area of math.
Scholarships at USC

2. The Citadel University

Another one of the oldest universities of the state was founded in 1842. This is a public senior military college in South Carolina. The students here are focused on leadership and achieving excellence in academics.

They have introduced Dr. Hamp Sherard Math Scholarship. This is a $3000 scholarship available to all seniors and first-year students who can be non-graduating. They can apply for the scholarship if they want to pursue a BS degree in math from Citadel.

3. Clemson University

Founder in the year 1889, a top-ranked university in South Carolina. The University’s financial aid office manages scholarships and financial aid given to undergraduate students. This University runs various scholarship offers, some of them in math.

  • Mathematical Sciences Freshmen award.
  • Mathematical Sciences Faculty Sophomore award.

4. Winthrop University

The university was founded in 1886 by David Bancroft and is one of the top universities in South Carolina, like other South Carolina universities, this university also offers various financial aid programs for students majoring in mathematics.

  • The Ellen Rasor Wylie Mathematics Scholarship.
  • The Theresa Pittman Jackson Memorial Fund
  • The Betty Freeman Hinman Endowed Scholarship.

5. Furman University

Furman University is a private liberal arts university, the foundation of this university was led in the year 1826 by Richard Furman. Furman University Mathematics division is a class-apart act, and they pay attention to the student in the class activities. The mathematics department gives generous support through various co-curricular activities to their fellow student.

If you want to know more about the mathematics department at Furman University you can visit furman.edu.

There are various types of scholarships, and Furman University provides grants to their fellow students.

  • Alden transfer scholarship.
  • Palmetto Fellows & Life Scholarship Enhancement in South Carolina.
  • South Carolina Palmetto Scholarship.
  • South Carolina Life Scholarship.
  • ROTC Scholarships.
  • National Merit Scholarship.
  • Osher Reentry Scholarship.
  • South Carolina Hope Scholarship.

Furman University Wylie Math Scholarship

  • The Wylie Scholarship in Mathematics is given to incoming first-year students who have shown a strong aptitude for mathematics and have the desire to pursue the subject at Furman University.
  •  This is an annually renewable scholarship, and it is worth about $15000 per year.
  •  Certain norms are to be fulfilled by the student who has been awarded the Wylie Math scholarship.
  •  To qualify for this scholarship, the student must have a combined SAT score of at least 1350 or an ACT score of at least 31.

Requirements, Deadline for Wylie Math Scholarship 2023

In order to apply for Wylie Math Scholarship at Furman University you need to.

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. You need to apply either with your Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) score or American College Testing (ACT) score.
  3. There will be one awardee for this scholarship per year
  4. The scholarship value for this scholarship is $15000

The deadline to fill out the application form and submit your SAT/ACT scores is Sunday, 15 January 2023

In order to know more about Furman University, the math department, and the scholarship, you can visit the page.

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