IAPD Scholarship 2024 – Application Form, Last Date

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By Hrishi

IAPD Scholarship 2024: IAPD is a non-profit tax-exempt corporation. This organisation was formed in 1981. They are leaders and pioneers of the business world. They are into the performance plastic industry.

About IAPD and IAPD Scholarship

The organization is into performance plastic. They act as a selling agent for suppliers around the world as well as a buying agent for customers in different geographical areas. They have introduced IAPD Scholarship for all undergraduates and graduate degree levels. 

This scholarship is specially designed for all the employees who are working with IAPD and their children. The amount associated with the scholarship which is $5,000 can be used by students for their educational purposes. Many such companies are working in the United States of America and introduce various benefit programs for their employees. In this way, the loyalty and commitment of employees towards the job can be maintained. IAPD also introduced a scholarship program that is executed in the education domain, which provides financial assistance to students.

This scholarship is specially designed for the employees of IAPD and their children who are currently at the graduate or undergraduate degree level. This scholarship is also for students who have enrolled themselves in a professional sales program that can major, minor or concentration. The students who are also in business, communication, engineering, marketing, IT information technology, supply chain management, human resource, accounting or any related programs.

This is a yearly based scholarship which means it will be available for the student in each academic year. For each year the worthy students will receive a scholarship amount of $5,000 which will cover their expenses for education. You can fill out the application form for the scholarship through their official website.

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The four important things related to IAPD Scholarship

  • IAPD has started supporting the education of students by providing meaningful financial contributions to the education of deserving candidates.
  • With this scholarship program, they also seek to benefit the business community as this may provide good chances to a well-educated employee.
  • They also seek to provide scholarship and exposes them to the environment of the ever-expanding plastics industry.
  • Lastly, this may strengthen IAPD’s direct link to the education sector.

Minimum criteria or eligibility for IAPD Scholarship

  • As mentioned earlier, this scholarship is if you are part of an IAPD member company, children of an IAPD member company or enrolled in professional sales programs like business, communication, engineering, marketing, IT information technology, supply chain management, human resource, accounting or any related programs. These are also known as the various prerequisites for the application once the mentioned two criteria are met then the scholarship application can move forward.
  • The next important criteria say in order to apply for the scholarship the applicant has to be a college-bound high school senior.
  • As most of the scholarships demand a student has to be very good in academics. The student’s performance in the current study program also determines their seriousness and dedication towards the studies. This is also treated as one of the most important elimination criteria as the aim here is to award a worthy student. For this scholarship, the applicant has to maintain a 3.5 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) on a scale of 4.0 or equivalent.
  • Students who want to apply for the scholarship are not judged on academic achievement but they need to perform well in extracurricular activities and presentations.
  • Once you are awarded the IAPD scholarship you are not eligible to win it twice in a row.
  • The late or incomplete submission of the scholarship application form will not be considered. However, the information provided will be kept confidential and will be used for analysing other scholarships.
  • In case the applicant has any queries regarding the scholarship application form they can contact Jean McClure at +913.345.1005.

Some additional documents are required for the IAPD scholarship

The student besides providing all the necessary details that are just mentioned, some important additional documents are also required.

  • This application requires a letter of recommendation.
  • The student has to provide transcripts.
  • The applicant has to provide an essay.
  • The last thing they ask for is a complete signature addendum page which should be written in English. This addendum should have the signature of the parent or guardian and the applicant.

Applying to the IAPD Scholarship

  • By clicking here, you will be redirected to the email registration page of the scholarship. electing successful applicants for IAPD Scholarship.
  • The selection of the recipient for the scholarship is done by the Scholarship Committee which consists of four members. These four members closely and carefully examine all the applications.
  • They will provide a rank to each applicant based on their academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, and presentation.
  • The successful candidate for the scholarship will be notified through an e-mail before 15 June 2023.
  • The scholarship value is paid directly to the mentioned school and not to the student.
  • Before the final confirmation, the applicant has to provide social security number, and a recent photograph. 

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