DGV Scholarship Program 2024 – Application, Eligibility, Dates

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By Hrishi

DGV Solutions plays an important part in securing the societal environment by providing and organising things for the better good. Professionally they are in the business world of America providing investment strategies to various institutions. These institutions aim to capture the market pricing depending on various factors like behaviour, technical and fundamental.

More about DGV Solutions and how DGV Scholarship Program came into existence

DGV solutions strongly believe in the philosophy of doing those things which can better society. For this reason, they aligned with many US-based institutions and played an active part in making society better. 

The whole idea behind this was changed a few years back in 2020 with the beginning of the Pandemic, which shook the world to its core. By then they realised that they should contribute more to society by investing more of their energies in the betterment of society. They have now decided to work on various things in the same context like,

  • They laid the foundation for DGV Scholarship Program which is also an incentive-based program. This program provides enough opportunities and incentives to women and people of colour to pursue their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degree. Applicant who wants to be a part of the DGV Scholarship Program has to consider their careers in the field of finance and investing.
  • Within the firm, they provide enough time and resources to the diverse leadership program.
  • They also provide DEI training to all employees.
  • Provide equal opportunities to everyone without regarding the age, gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation of any individual.

Further classification and some minimum criteria of the DGV Scholarship Program

If a student wants to enroll for the DGV Scholarship Program, certain conditions need to be fulfilled to successfully get the award associated with it. These are the conditions that filter out the individual from the pool of applicants who are also interested in the same scholarship.

  • The first criterion says that the individuals must be undergraduate students who should be enrolled in an accredited college or university for a program of four years.
  • The extension of the first condition says that the applicant can also be a high school senior who must be pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), finance or business.
  • To be eligible for this scholarship you must be a US citizen or you must hold a Permanent Resident Card. It also says that any individual who is guaranteed a deferred action status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) can also apply for the scholarship.
  • One of the criteria says that the applicant must belong to an underrepresented demographic in the financial services sector (women, BIPOC).
  • DGV Solutions also want to know about your academic progress, this criterion defines if the applicant applying for the scholarship is serious about their studies and is worthy enough to be awarded a scholarship. For that, you have to maintain a 3.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale or equivalent. 
  • To successfully apply to the DGV Scholarship Program student has demonstrated their financial needs. By filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form they can do it. For this, the Family Contribution Index value must be below $25,000.
  • For the scholarship, the applicant has to maintain contact with DGV at a time which will be decided previously. This is done to provide your experience during the scholarship and also receive some mentorship from DGV solutions.
  • One of the criteria for this scholarship says that the student has to show promise or potential in becoming a member of the broader finance community.
  • The last criterion says that the student must be willing to take a part in an online Zoom interview session with one or more individuals of the DGV charitable organisation. The date decided for the online interview is between March 14-28, 2023.

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The amount associated and the deadline for DGV Scholarship Program

The award value associated with DGV Scholarship Program is $5,000 yearly. The award can be renewed for a maximum of three years but the renewable scholarship depends if the academic performance of the student is satisfactory or not during a full-time course. The last day for submission of the application for the scholarship is February, 2024.

Other requirements for DGV Scholarship Program

  • You need to provide transcripts from the relevant academic institution. It can be from the high school or college that the applicant has attended or currently attending.
  • You also need to provide two letters of recommendation from an academic and community leader.
  • You should provide a summary of Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Provide three short essays one is for 300 words describing yourself, and mention all the factors that motivate and shape you in the next phase of your educational life. Try to provide those details which are not already covered in your transcripts or FAFSA.
  • In 150 words describe your financial needs if you are your family faces any financial hardship.
  • In another 150 words, describe what interests you in pursuing a degree in STEM, finances or business.

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