Be Bold Scholarship 2024, Criteria to fill the Application Form & Eligibility

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By Hrishi

Be bold Scholarship 2024 is looking for different and bold character students if you are determined to perceive yourself and how you can change the world’s perspective through your perseverance and your work. organizes a $25,000 scholarship for the one who can make a difference. To apply for this scholarship, you need to fill out an application form or build your profile after reading all the requirements on going to their website.

Be Bold Scholarship

The student whose profile stands out in all the judging parameters will be awarded this scholarship. While filling out this application form, the student’s GPA, education level, and field of study will be considered. The total number of awards available is for one candidate. The award money is $25,016. The deadline to submit your profile will be on February 01, 2023. 

Be Bold Scholarship

What does “Be Bold” do?

Being an online philanthropist organization, the main aim of this organization is to find out those worthy candidates whose ideas behind how they want to perceive what they do can change the course of the world.

Various anonymous donors support their cause because they firmly believe that your resources, especially money supporting your education, should not act as a barred. This organization offers multiple awards and scholarships.

Why there is a need for a scholarship?

We all live in a fast-moving, digitalized world where our dreams and aspiration can have a restriction on available resources or funds with us. Life may challenge us at different points. Be Bold is an organization that is fighting students’ debt which may come because of money invested in support of their studies. As we are well aware that education, or specialised courses, are getting very costly to afford these days.

It is sometimes challenging for families and students to cope with extreme pressure, focus on their studies, and polish their qualities. Many dreams are dusted because of this issue; looking after this bold scholarship has started and it purely evaluates the worthy candidate who stands alone in the pool of others when you are brave and determined enough through your creative thoughts that you believe can change the world.

You must visit the website to be bold and build your profile. After evaluating your profile on different grounds designed by them, you may be awarded worth $25,000 scholarship. From that scholarship money, you can go on and change your destiny.

The last day to submit your application form is February 1, 2024. This same scholarship will announce the next beneficiary in December 2024. It is a no-essay scholarship where they try to evaluate your profile on three major grounds according to them, it does not mean just being the best or you have attained various things throughout your career, but they will judge your profile on

  • Earnest
  • Determined
  • Moving

For further details and how to fill out the “Be Bold” application form you need to visit

How does it work?

The “Be Bold” is a non-essay scholarship being run by this organization. They yearly choose 1 winner for this kind of scholarship in which, the winning amount is $25,000, which goes directly to the financial aid office of the winner’s college.

The submitted profiles are being evaluated on various grounds by the “Be Bold” organization, and the boldest profile is shortlisted among the pool of submitted profiles. Remember, as soon as you submit your scholarship application, you have a greater chance of winning the award.

Eligibility to apply

Any high school, undergraduate, graduate, and even those pursuing their doctoral studies can apply for this scholarship. They are looking for your school education level, experience level in voluntary work, GPA, and field of study do not matter to make you eligible for this scholarship.

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What are the evaluation criteria?

This kind of scholarship goes to the student who is believed to be bold enough in his profile. Being bold here means he should be determined in his idea and thoughts of execution, earnestness can be attended with conviction, power, and moving in terms of his overall growth. At, they sincerely believe that as soon as a student applies for this scholarship, it will help them.

How can one create a profile?

Be bold follows a unique way of providing a scholarship to a worthy student. While creating your profile on this platform, you need to work on your profile, not need to submit an essay in support of your profile. You may be declared a winner if they find you worthy enough in their evaluation criteria.

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Stand out with your application, some tips

While filling out the application form, you must spend some time considering what information you are providing. They may ask you about your school education, volunteering work that you did, your previous work experience and are of interest.

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