Pearl Berlin Scholarship Fund 2024; How to Apply for this?

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By Hrishi

Pearl Berlin Scholarship Fund: The right to equality has always been an issue in the United States of America. Many social reform groups, foundations, and individuals came forward to speak about the right to be equal. Every type of human being should have equal rights in terms of speech, taking education, social status etc. by how they can be equal to all the other races.

Pearl Berlin Scholarship Fund
Pearl Berlin Scholarship Fund

Sexual orientation, caste and creed should not be part of human distinction. Based on this thought Guilford Green Foundation honoured the late Pearl Berlin who is a hero fight for marriage equality and created a scholarship which provides financial assistance to a special section of society.

They always believed that education should be given to all irrespective of anything else. The value associated with this scholarship will help the student satisfy their educational needs. Berlin and her lifetime partner Ellen “Lennie” Gerber were the first ones to receive the Guilford Green Visionary Award.

More about the Pearl Berlin Scholarship Fund

Pearl fearlessly advocates for equality and same-sex marriage. She dedicated her life to this cause and for that, she faced many challenges as the society was not developed about these causes and there was a lack of knowledge. Her dedicated work for this section of society is treated as commendable.

This scholarship has started and inaugural scholarships were given in the spring of 2019. This scholarship amount is given to the students who are graduating seniors and have shown their leadership qualities in the LGBTQ community.

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Some basics of the Pearl Berlin Scholarship Fund

By far we are aware that this scholarship is for a special section of society. Dedicated to supporting lesbian, transgender, queer, gay, bisexual and allied students who successfully show their leadership skills in their schools and communities.

The Pearl Berlin Scholarship fund will be awarded to graduating, college-bound high school seniors who reside in Guilford, Randolph, Alamance County, Forsyth, and Rockingham, North Carolina.

One of the necessary conditions of this scholarship says the applicant who wants to apply for this scholarship fund must have demonstrated their services or should desire to serve the LGBTQ community.

The distribution of the award of this scholarship greatly depends on the quality and quantity of applicants. The scholarship committee will determine if single or multiple scholarships will be awarded each summer. The total number of scholarships can vary each year.

With this scholarship, The Guilford Green Foundation is seeking to courageously unite the community by trying to address some advanced issues that are faced by LGBTQ persons. They are also trying to unite the community through programming and philanthropy.

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Pearl Berlin Scholarship Fund at a glance

  • The maximum amount for The Pearl Berlin Scholarship for individuals is kept up to $3,000. In the case of multiple scholarships, the award value is kept at $1,000. These awards will be distributed by the committee this spring. Although the number of scholarship awards and the value of the individual scholarship award is determined every year by the committee looking after the quality of scholarship applications received and the number of them.
  • The scholarship amount must be used for educational purposes only which may include tuition fees, on-campus housing and books expenditure. 
  • The scholarship award will be distributed Only after receiving a letter of acceptance from the recipient’s school. Verification of enrolment must also be done.
  • In case the applicant faces any trouble while filling out the application or has any doubt regarding the scholarship they can write an email to

Applying for the Pearl Berlin Scholarship Fund

You can visit their official website in order to fill out the scholarship application:

Eligibility or minimum requirements for Pearl Berlin Scholarship Fund

  • The applicant for applying for this scholarship must be a resident of Guilford, Randolph, Alamance County, Forsyth, Rockingham, North Carolina.
  • The second eligibility clause says that in order to be eligible for this scholarship applicant must be a graduating high school senior and must be entering to highly accredited college for higher education this fall.
  • For this scholarship, you must identify yourself as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or straight ally.
  • One of the important clauses says that you must demonstrate or wish to serve the LGBTQ community.

Some of the requirements for the Pearl Berlin Scholarship Fund

  • The applicant needs to submit the application form along with all the supporting documents to After mailing it to this address, you will receive a confirmation mail.
  • The last for receiving the complete application form is 24, February 2024.
  • You need to include a copy of your high school or GED transcript, they will also accept an unofficial copy.
  • Letters of recommendation must be submitted and written by a non-family member. These letters can be mailed directly to the Guilford Green Foundation.
  • In case you are below 18 years of age you need to submit a signed release form.

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