Tschudy Family Scholarship 2024; How to Apply Online? Dates

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By Hrishi

Tschudy Family Scholarship was established in the legacy of Alene M. Swindle. This scholarship is provided to students, looking after various consequences that can happen after commencing their studies and marking a good career. The Tschudy Family Scholarship is provided strictly to eligible graduates from Emmett High School who want to pursue an academic degree from an Idaho public education institution for four years.

Tschudy Family Scholarship 2024

The amount associated with this scholarship is awarded based on academic merit, which means a student who wants to apply for the scholarship has to perform well academically by maintaining good grades. It also depends on the integrity and the financial need of the student. It has been seen many times that a student who is academically very brilliant and all staged up to have a good and promising career often faces financial crunches and is not able to support their education. The financial need of a student is addressed or assisted by many such scholarships and Tschudy Family Scholarship is one of them.

The award value associated with this scholarship is a whopping $12,500 and it is renewable. Though in case you are doing an undergraduate study course the scholarship can be renewed maximum of five years. If you are doing a graduate study course, it can be renewed for a maximum of two years.

Basis of the Tschudy Family Scholarship

This scholarship is funded from the investment income that comes from long-time Emmett residents. As this is a funded scholarship so the award value associated with it can vary at times. the Tschudy Family Scholarship is awarded to a student who successfully fulfils all the necessary criteria and must be a graduate of Emmett High School.

One of the main minimum criteria of this scholarship says that a student who is applying for the scholarship must attend Boise state university, Lewis-Clark state college, University of Idaho or Idaho state university. If I talk about a yearly based award, it is $2,500 and is renewable as discussed earlier. Maximum of up to five years for doing an undergraduate study course and two years for the graduate study course. In this scholarship number of new awards is determined by the amount of money received from the fund that has invested their income and also on the number of students who will be continuing their scholarships.

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Some necessary conditions for Tschudy Family Scholarship

For being eligible for this scholarship the student who wants to apply for it must be a resident of Idaho. Secondly, the student must be graduating from Emmett High school. We will discuss the prerequisites or the minimum criteria for this scholarship in detail later in this blog.

Applying for Tschudy Family Scholarship

You can simply visit this link and register yourself for the scholarship and fill out the online application form: https://scholarships.idaho.gov/ 

While registering through this link it will ask you for your Social Security Number (SSN). In case you do not have an SSN you can email [email protected] or you can also call 208-332-1576 and you can expect a reply within two working days. Though there are other scholarships which do not ask for an SSN or FAFSA.

So far, we have discussed Tschudy Family Scholarship. The award associated with it and how it is funded. We have provided a link from where you can register for the scholarship. It will ask you for an SSN and how to get assistance in case you do not have it. Now let us discuss some of the prerequisites or minimum criteria to get the Tschudy Family Scholarship.

Minimum criteria or prerequisites for Tschudy Family Scholarship

  • The applicant who wants to apply for this scholarship successfully needs to be a resident of Idaho.
  • The second criterion says that the applicant must be graduating senior of Emmett High School. The student can also apply for the scholarship within seven years of graduating from Emmett High School.
  • You must obtain good grades during academic years and maintain a Grade Point Average of 2.6 or above on a scale of 4.0.
  • To apply for this scholarship, you must comply with the provisions of the Tschudy Family Scholarship.
  • The applicant must enrol as a full-time student doing an academic program from Boise state university, Lewis-Clark state college, University of Idaho or Idaho state university.
  • In case you are an undergraduate student you must get 14 credit points per semester.

Some necessary information is required to successfully fill out the Tschudy Family Scholarship

  • This can be the most essential requirement if you want to apply for the scholarship is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • You also need to provide your Social Security Number. SSN is used to match your FAFSA and SAT/ACT records.
  • You need to provide transcripts of your high school and all your college work.
  • Two letters of recommendation are needed.
  • A minimum of 500 words essay is required by identifying your extra-curricular activities and your personal experience where you have shown your leadership qualities and the reason you chose to pursue your course of study.

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