Significant Challenge College Scholarship 2024 – How to Apply Online?

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By Hrishi

Significant Challenge College Scholarship 2024: The foundation of this scholarship is truly remarkable and unique. Richie’s Spirit Foundation helps to educate people and make them aware of organ donation.

The idea behind this foundation is very special, and the level of positive spirit it gives to the people, how to get inspired and inspire others. They spread education to all ages of people with this noble cause and grant honor to Richie’s memory.

Who was Richie, and how all of this has started

The life events of Richie inspire the idea behind this foundation and the educational scholarship. Though he died at the very young age of 17, in that short span, Richie has touched the lives of every human being he came across.

His passion, the way he lived, the positivity of life in every aspect, and the way he showed his affection and love for others is the main reason that carried his spirit long after his death.

The event because the foundation was formed in October 2007 after the demise of Richie. Herskowitz’s family decided to keep the spirit alive, and they wanted the life of Richie to inspire others, so Richie’s Spirit Foundation was formed.

About the foundation of Richie’s Spirit Foundation

At a very young age, Richie received lungs from an organ donor, and this organization strongly believes in that event. They want to spread information and educate people about organ donation.

By getting inspired by the events that happened in Richie’s life this foundation started its beautiful journey. By now, Richie’s Spirit Foundation has touched thousands of people and made them aware of organ donation, and they are even successful in their cause.

They still believe there are lots of possibilities and that this foundation can grow stronger. The Significant Challenge College Scholarship is one of the ways they believe in spreading knowledge and, at the same time, helping students with financial needs.

About Significant Challenge College Scholarship

Like most of the scholarship in the education domain, there is an idea which provoked the foundation of this scholarship, which was the life event of Richie and his spirit. This is a yearly scholarship program which is available in each academic year.

Under the Significant Challenge College Scholarship, three graduating high school seniors receive $5,000 which can be used for higher education. In order to get the scholarship, the student has to demonstrate their leadership qualities by taking active parts in school and community affairs.

Different co-curricular activities determine the student’s leadership potential and character. This is also a merit-based scholarship, so the student has to perform well in their educational field and get some good grades.

The popularity of this scholarship can be determined by the fact that yearly, the foundation receives about 2500 application forms. Till now, Richie’s Spirit Foundation has awarded more than $30,000 in the form of scholarship amount to those graduating high school seniors who met the criteria set by them.

Eligibility criteria or prerequisites for Significant Challenge College Scholarship

By now, we know what idea was behind Richie’s Spirit Foundation. The life events of Richie have inspired his family to start the famous Significant Challenge College Scholarship.

This is a scholarship which set some minimum criteria obligation for their applicants. This is done to select the most deserving candidates and award them with the scholarship. Some of the eligibility criteria for the scholarship are,

  • The most basic requirement in order to successfully apply for this scholarship is that a student has to be a U.S. citizen. If not, then they should possess permanent residency proof that should be lawfully verified.
  • The applicant should be in an accredited high school and will be graduating in the spring of 2024.
  • The applicant should have planned to get enrolled in vocational schools, community colleges, or four-year college full-time. The plan is to join any one of them in the 2024-2025 academic year.
  • The applicant has to demonstrate his skills during his academic sessions as a high school senior and maintain a 3.4 Grade Point Average (GPA), which is cumulative on a 4.0 scale or equivalent.
  • To get this scholarship, one of the clauses says the student has to take challenging courses throughout their high school career.
  • The applicant has to demonstrate leadership qualities while performing community services.

Scholarship amount and the deadline for the Significant Challenge College Scholarship

The scholarship amount associated with this scholarship is $5,000 for the session 2025-2024. This year, three successful applicants will get the award. The last day of submission for the application form online is February 15, 2023.

How to fill out the online application form

You need to visit this page to get more information about the scholarship

To fill out the application form, you need to visit

This is a very simple application form to fill out; after providing the necessary details, you need to pay special attention to filling in 2 essays with 250 words each on topics.

  1. Mention significant challenges that you have faced in your life.
  2. The second part describes how you have come out of it.

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