Pepperdine University Helen Young Scholarship 2024- Eligibility, Important Dates

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By Hrishi

Pepperdine University Helen Young Scholarship was an initiative taken by Pepperdine Legacy Partners (PLP) and it provides financial assistance to young students both male and female who are either transfer students or incoming freshmen.

The main aim of the scholarship is to provide necessary guidance along with financial assistance to the applicants of this scholarship. This scholarship is more like any other major scholarship in the educational domain that is distributed in the United States of America.

They also provide financial assistance to buddying students who are unable to support their education due to lack of finances or poor finances of the family. To get this scholarship the student has to demonstrate good in their academics by getting a good grade.

More about Pepperdine University Helen Young Scholarship and Pepperdine Legacy Partners

One of the largest and most active women’s groups which aim to provide support to different colleges and universities of South California, Pepperdine Legacy Partners (PLP) was established in 1958. Since from more than 50 years, this group has actively taken part to improve the education system of California state by introducing many educational programs and scholarships related to it. They have done a tremendous amount of work in order to improve the education of Christian students. One thing they have successfully done is to make a strong link between the Universities and Churches of Christ across the country.

Pepperdine Legacy Partners (PLP) was solely formed to provide strength to churches by financially supporting Christian students studying at Pepperdine University. They provide financial assistance in education and also strengthen the spiritual journey of students.

To get this scholarship you must be an active member of Churches of Christ. Though there are various other prerequisites the applicant must follow in order to be a suitable candidate. This is a yearly award with a scholarship value of $5000, this is also a renewable basis scholarship.

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Some prerequisites of Pepperdine University Helen Young Scholarship

So far, we have learned about the connection of this scholarship with Pepperdine Legacy Partners (PLP), and how this scholarship helps Christian students. Now we will learn some prerequisites that are needed to fulfil if a student wants to get the award money associated with the scholarship.

  • Like all the other scholarships you need to maintain a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA). However, in this case, it is a bit low and you have to get at least a 2.5 GPA.
  • Apart from being good with their academics’ student has to help in the yearly events which were run by Pepperdine Legacy Partners (PLP).
  • You need to be an active member of the local Church of Christ and actively take part in their events.
  • Both male and female students are eligible to get this scholarship award.
  • While attending Pepperdine University you need to be involved with campus ministry.
  • To get the scholarship amount the applicant has to demonstrate their financial need. This can be done by submitting Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by latest 1 November for early education or February 15 for regular decision admission.
  • To get this scholarship you also need to submit a letter of recommendation. This can be written by a Church of Christ leader (minister, youth minister elder or deacon).
  • You can easily get the excess to explore the application form and recommendation form by visiting Pepperdine Application Portal.
  • The application form along with the letter of recommendation has to be submitted by 15 February 2023. The letter of recommendation can only be accepted if written by members of the Church of Christ.
  • In case the applicant has already submitted the letter of recommendation for the Christian Leadership Scholarship. You do not have to submit an additional letter of recommendation. In any case, the application has to apply before the deadline on 15 February 2023.
  • The Pepperdine Legacy Partners (PLP) will select the applicants who get the Helen Young Scholarship. 
  • In both the cases of Early Action and Regular Decision applicant will be notified by April 1, this will be only done in the case if the applicant successfully gets the award. 

Below is a video which will guide you to effectively fill out your FAFSA, to get the most benefit out of it.

How to fill FAFSA form

Pepperdine University Helen Young Scholarship at a glance

So far, we have discussed the scholarship, the history behind it, necessary conditions the applicant has to follow in order to get the award. Now we will cover some doubts that may arise in the applicant’s mind while filling out the application form.

  • Although this scholarship is strictly for those students who follow Christianity as their religion, both young boys and girls can apply for this scholarship.
  • You need to be an active and present member of the Church of Christ. For scholarship, a minister or elder at your congregation have to submit a letter of recommendation to validate you.
  • This is a renewable scholarship in order to successfully renew the scholarship the student has to fulfil the requirements attached to it. The scholarship committee will decide if the same student can continue the scholarship or not.

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