Lynn Buerki Memorial Scholarship 2024; How to Apply Online?

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By Hrishi

The world knows Lynn Buerki who was famous for his work towards conservation practices especially by planting more trees. To follow his legacy the famous Lynn Buerki scholarship has started. He started this work of repairing our ecosystem by planting trees at a very early age. He began serving the Conservation District board as a teenager of 19 only and that was back in the year 1952.

More about Lynn Buerki scholarship

Lynn Buerki served the Conservation District board for more than 62 years during this interval his main focus was on conservation practices that include planting trees. To honour his legacy this special scholarship fund was started in June 2020. 

The goal of this scholarship is to encourage and motivate those students, especially who have a strong interest in agricultural conservation. This organisation strongly believes that conserving and following the practises that can lead to better surroundings will be helpful for generations to come. This can be done by acquiring technical proficiency in a particular aspect of agricultural conservation so that one can pursue a career in this field. They also focus to educate people about conservation practices.

Other minimum criteria to award this scholarship

Lynn Buerki memorial scholarship is like other scholarships which are given in the field of education as a financial grant to help those students who have shown particular interest in the field of conservation practises. Though there are various factors which may decide the fate of this scholarship, they check all those achievements which you have earned in your academic career, the way you have participated in extra-curricular activities, your athletic abilities, diversity and inclusion and most importantly your financial needs. 

By far we have discussed the history of Lynn Buerki. About Lynn Buerki memorial scholarship, the main objective of this scholarship. Let us discuss the grant value and deadlines.

Scholarship value and the deadline for the submission

  • The maximum value of the scholarship is $1000 and you can submit your application form along with the other details on February 15, 2023.
  • The application form along with the two letters of recommendation and the latest official transcripts can be submitted to Sedgwick County Conservation District (SCCD) office by 4.00 pm on February 15, 2023.
  • You can also choose to drop or mailed the application to the address USDA Service Centre at 11832 W Central, Suite 100, Wichita KS 67212-5184.

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Eligibility of Lynn Buerki Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship eye for those students who have shown interest and want to serve in agricultural conservation. They provide financial aid to these students before checking various eligibility criteria. The eligible candidate has to satisfy all those prerequisites or minimum criteria. Some of those criteria are,

  • This scholarship is dedicated to Sedgwick County, to be eligible for this scholarship you must reside or your parents/grandparents must have landed in the same county. Home-schooled students are also eligible for this scholarship.
  • This scholarship also looks at the academic qualification of the applicant, as one of the prerequisites, you need to do good with your grades. You need to have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. 
  • To get this scholarship the candidate has to be enrolled or intended to get enrolled in a college or university which is accredited.
  • The course you choose must be full-time and must be related to agriculture or natural resources conservation another part of this curriculum can be agronomy, forestry, range management, geography, agricultural journalism, conservation science, agricultural education, and wildlife management.
  • Apart from studying conservation practises you can study soil and water conservation.

Documents Required to apply for the Lynn Buerki memorial scholarship

  • You need to submit your official transcripts from high school or college grades.
  • You have to enclose two letters of recommendation along with your application form. One of the letters must come from your teacher or professor. The other letter of recommendation must be from a person in the community. In both cases, they cannot be relatives of the applicant.
  • Both letters should be kept inside a sealed envelope.

More on scholarship money

  • The scholarship is awarded to two recipients with a value of $1000 each year. Everything related to this scholarship is handled by The Sedgwick County Conservation District (SCCD).
  • Once the college semester is over this award money can successfully be available.
  • One more necessary condition to this scholarship as SCCD requires the applicant to maintain a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) and you require to bring a copy of their grades to the SCCD office.
  • Once the student successfully gets the scholarship amount, they can spend on tuition fees, room and board rent, or books.

Final selection of the applications

The final decision about the scholarship has to be made by a panel which may consist of a member from the Buerki family and the SCCD Board of supervisors. They may ask for an interview to get clarification from the final candidates. The final decision will be made on April 1, 2023. Once selected for the scholarship the candidate has to submit a letter of acceptance from his college to the Sedgwick County Conservation District office.

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