NDSGC Lillian Goettler Scholarship 2024 – How to fill Application Form Online?

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By Hrishi

In 1989 the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) decided to initiate a program known as the National Space Grant College and Fellowship program. This was started by looking after the fact and creating more opportunities for American citizens to have a better idea of the working of NASA, and what they can do and increase their participation in NASA’s aeronautics and space projects. This grant or fellowship program which is also known as Space Grant acts as a national network for colleges and universities in America.

These universities and colleges are designing course curriculum in such a way, they can create a passion for aeronautics and space among the students. Through their active participation, they believe they can support and enhance science and engineering education. Doing this will help them in further research and public outreach efforts.

The mission of the North Dakota NASA Space Grant Consortium

The main ideology behind creating this space grant is by involving students, North Dakota faculty, teachers and also the students in many other institutions for NASA research and educational project. With this ideology this grant seeks to increase the quality of education for those students who have shown their particular interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as well as increase the quality of general education in North Dakota.

More about the Lillian Goettler Space Grant Award

This prestigious scholarship award is strictly designed for female students. Lillian Goettler Space Grant Award has been set up by North Dakota NASA Space Grant Consortium (NDSGC).

The Space Grant program runs smoothly with the help of national universities and colleges, by now they have about 950 affiliates. Looking after this, they have included various industries, museums, science centres, and agencies from state and local areas in their program.

These 950 associates belong to 52 associations of different companies in almost all 50 states including Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. `The main work of these associations is to generate fund that can be used in the fellowship and scholarship program dedicated to the students who shows their particular interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics also known as STEM. Along with this the student who wants to take advantage of this program has to show academic brilliance and has to complete the education projects given by colleges or universities.

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The scholarship award value and the deadline for Lillian Goettler Space Grant Award

With this scholarship award, the idea to generate awareness and enhance future research in aeronautics and space is done. This scholarship is awarded to one student on yearly basis with a grant value of $2500.

The deadline for submission of your application form with other necessary documents is 15 February 2023.

You can visit this page to fill out the application form for Lillian Goettler Scholarship presented by North Dakota Space Grant Consortium. This application is strict to be filled by NDSU students online and the application will be closed on 15th February. This is a $2500 scholarship which was introduced by NASA and NDSGC and is highly inspired by Dr Lillian Goettler. She is a former faculty member of NDSU and head of the Mechanical Engineering department.

Dr Goettler is a former PhD and has worked on many projects related to the space program. She joined NDSU as a faculty member in 1978. She has dedicated her life to the field of education and laid the foundation of the program known as Expanding Your Horizons by being a founder member of it. This program is strictly for junior high school girls who want to explore the field of science and math.

Eligibility criteria or certain prerequisites in order to fill Lillian Goettler Space Grant Award

  • This scholarship is strictly for female or non-binary students. As this scholarship is dedicated to Dr Lillian Goettler who has excelled in this field being a female.
  • Like all the other educational scholarships this scholarship also demands an eligible student to perform well in their studies and maintain good grades. This scholarship requires you to have a minimum of 3.5 Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • To avail of this scholarship, you need to be an American citizen. You are not eligible if you live in the USA but do not hold citizenship.
  • You need to be a student of North Dakota State University majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM).

How to fill up the form

  • To fill out the online application in order to get this scholarship you need to visit this page.  In case you are visiting the page for the first time, you need to register with your email id and need to remember this email id and the password.
  • After registering you need to submit simple details such as name, address, ethnicity, GPA etc.
  • You need to provide your NDSU transcript and attach them along with your application form.
  • You also need to provide your resume, also provide a letter of recommendation.
  • The next thing they want to know is the source from where you have heard about this scholarship.
  • Do you need to write a 250–300-word essay describing that if your sibling wants to pursue a career in STEM what will be your opinion about it?
  • In another 250-300 words describe your career goals, and how you see yourself working in the STEM community to make others’ life’s better. Also, mention how this scholarship is going to help with it.
  • Apart from working for STEM what all projects have you done, share your learning. What was the reason behind starting those projects explain it in another 250-300 words.

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