Loyola University- New Orleans Honors Scholarship 2024

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Loyola University- New Orleans Honors Scholarship 2024: Founded in 1904 this university has served education for over 100 years now. Loyola University in New Orleans is deeply rooted in Catholic and Jesuit philosophies. They have over 110 undergraduate programs and over 36 graduate programs which means they welcome students all across the world who want to study in different domains.

More about Loyola University in New Orleans

The core values of this university believe the students who are studying on their campus are not restricted and limited by their ideology. They prepare their students to do anything with a great sense of responsibility and add value to it. They prepare their student to become an entrepreneur who can lead their business idea and flourish in them. You can aim to be an artist, a musician, or a scientist. They will train you in your particular area of interest, and this is the main reason they do not want to restrict education.

About Loyola University- New Orleans Honors Scholarship

Looking after the ideology of this institution they have started their scholarships and grant programs. As they want their students to excel in the field of their choice. Over $1.7 million in scholarships award are given by this university. They almost have one scholarship program for the domain taught on their campus.

Loyola University strongly believes in its Honours program which prepares its undergraduate students with some additional level of study in different fields. For doing this you need to do academically very well as well as actively take part in extra-curricular activities. 

The honours program will guide the students towards a well-dedicated life in which they will get the benefits from the course curriculum and some outstanding faculty members. With this course, you might get a chance to stay with a remarkable group of students and faculty who will give you personalized advice.

By now we have discussed the foundation of Loyola University in New Orleans, what made the curriculum of this university unique, and how they are guiding their students in every area, especially while doing an honours program. Now let us talk about some scholarships that are designed to help students to have wonderful careers.

Like any other scholarship program, Loyola University Honors Scholarship program is made for those students who are doing good in academics have maintained good grades in studies also doing well in extracurricular activities.

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Apply for the scholarship

All the students who are enrolled and doing honours with us can apply for the scholarship for the year 2024. You need to log in to your student portal and look for a scholarship. From there, you can apply for it. If you are eligible and perform well for every prerequisite, then the scholarship amount will be awarded to you. However, there can be different conditions or criteria to be fulfilled for different levels of students which we will mention in our next section.

Scholarship Amount, the deadline to fill for the scholarship

  • The total scholarship amount that will be awarded this year is $5000, and this is subject to get renewed for up to four years. 
  • This scholarship is purely based on the fact that the university wants its students to have a feeling of attaining academic excellence. With this thought, they can provoke a sense of community and challenges so that every student can rely on their strength and excel in everything.
  • The deadline to apply for this scholarship is December 1st (priority) and February 15 (Regular).

Some prerequisites to be followed

If you are an Incoming first-year student

  • Although this is open to all the students doing any major for the university. This clause strictly demands you to be excellent in the field of academics and maintain a 3.75 Grade Point Average (GPA) or more in your current institution. This criterion is more likely the same for any major scholarship that is running in the education domain in the United States.
  • Two deadlines are mentioned on the official website. December 1st is the priority application deadline and February 15 is the regular decision deadline.

All the students who have to meet the necessary GPA threshold can apply for the honours program and can also apply for the scholarship from the admission portal.

  • Students who are applying for Honors Program and scholarship need to fill admission application by December 1st. 
  • In case you are a current student of Loyola university then you have to maintain a 3.3 Grade Point Average (GPA).

For Transfer and currently enrolled students

  • In both cases, the student who wants to apply for Honors Program from Loyola University has to maintain a minimum of 3.3 or higher-Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Applicants must have been accepted into the university and meet the prerequisites listed above. By the deadline of April 1, 2023

Transfer students who want to be a member of the Honors Program must submit their applications. You can find the application in your admissions portal.

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