Alaska Airmen Scholarships 2024 – Application Form, Eligibility

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By Hrishi

Alaska Airmen Scholarships is started by Alaska Airmen Association with the aim to provide assistance and make aviation legends. This association has over 2,000 members which makes them one of the largest general aviation communities in the United States of America.

More about Alaska Airmen Association

Being one of the largest and growing aviation associations they strive to promote aviation, enhance safety, and promote all the education and initiatives that will benefit a pilot, which in turn helps to grow the community. As unique as it sounds, they promote various programs to build their community strong strongly. Alaska Airmen Scholarships is also one of the initiatives taken in this direction.

The association was formed in 1951 and currently has more than 2,000 active member who helps to promote General Aviation. They are also the largest GA group in the country. Their sole aim is to preserve, protect, and promote general aviation. Alaska Airmen Association organises one of the biggest free-entry aviation shows in the country. The aviation is named Great Alaska Aviation Gathering. The aviation show may have over 20,000 visitors with over 200 exhibitors.     

The Alaska Airmen Association also hosts the annual Aircraft Raffle which is one of the largest raffles which is hosted in Alaska. This program also acts as one of the main fundraisers for the association.

Initiative to grow the community and joining Alaska Airmen Association

They strongly believe in enrolling more similarly passionate people who dream about aviation. If you are a veteran pilot or anyone who can contribute to the cause the Alaska Airmen’s Association feels proud to welcome their new member.

The membership is available for everyone and not just restricted to Alaskan residents. Alaska Airmen Association members are from over 5 countries which include 46 states and over 50 Alaskan cities and villages. If you are a pilot himself, an airline employee, a student through ATP, a mechanic or an aviation enthusiast you can be a proud member of this association. In case you are a student and business that are interested in aviation can also be part of this.

This association strive to expand the official members of the Alaska Airmen Association. They seek to develop new-generation aviators. With this aim, the association proudly support the growth of aviation as an industry and lifestyle. Being a member makes them feel about the association with an elite group. For the scholarship, they partner with aviation legends to award scholarships each year.

It is a fact nowadays that the aviation industry is very expensive. Looking after this the association offers over ten thousand dollars toward an aviation career. The association strongly feels that as diverse as the aviation industry the scholarship program is equivalent to that.

For this scholarship, the student must be a high school senior who has a passion and thirst to be in the aviation industry. Most importantly the applicant must be a legal resident of the United States of America. The applicant should not be convicted of any felony and must be residing in Alaska for the last 2 to 3 years. You also need to get an acceptance letter from aviation schools or a letter of recommendation from a CFI.

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Filling up the application form for the Alaska Airmen Scholarship

Only one application is dedicated to one category of scholarships like aviation maintenance, pilot ATC, and other airport operations etc. In case the applicant wants to apply for more than 1 category they have to fill out a separate form. In the application, they want to know your age. You need to attach a document which can prove your citizenship. Next, you should be a valid resident of Alaska.

Note: You need to fill the whole application in one go, your progress will not be saved, in case your browser refreshes then, in that case, the application will be reset to a default state.

How can I apply for the Alaska Airmen Scholarship?

The applicant who wants to fill out the scholarship can apply through the Alaska Airmen Scholarship Application Form. This is an online application link; the applicant needs to go through the application and answer it completely.

What is the deadline for the Alaska Airmen Scholarship?

The last date for successfully applying the application form is March 1, 2023.

Are there any additional documents required for the Alaska Airmen Scholarship?

While filling out the online application form the applicant has to provide proof of American citizenship or lawful permanent residency.
Secondly, you need to provide proof that you have been a resident of Alaska for the last 2 to 3 years.

Is there any optional document associated with the Alaska Airmen Scholarship?

If the applicant is willing to provide, then can provide a letter of recommendation which can support the information bank, for financial hardship, student loans, and late notice. If the student has received any awards, any additional recommendation or maybe school transcripts.

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