ACS Scholars Program 2024 – How to Apply Online?

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By Hrishi

ACS Scholars Program was founded by ACS which is one of the largest and growing scientific organisations in the United States of America. With more than 140 years of experience in the field, the organisation was founded way back in 1876. The organisation was charted by the U.S. Congress and currently holds a membership of over 151,000 and successfully running in more than 140 countries worldwide.

ACS Scholars Program 2024

The organisation is determined in the field of chemistry with advancing and using new tools to increase the enterprise that involves this branch of science. They want to use the practitioners’ work in the field of chemistry to benefit the people around them and globally. Their mission statement says that they want to enhance the lives of people by transforming the power of chemistry.

ACS Scholars Program 2023

What is ACS all about

  • ACS is all about publishing scientific studies. They want science especially chemistry to benefit humankind. They have over 65 peer-reviewed journals and are treated as one of the most trusted published studies. Their journals are the most read and most cited as well. 
  • ACS works dedicatedly work in this department of chemistry which empowers its associated members by helping to build their careers. They help to expand the network of their associated members so that their work can inspire future generations. For all this, they collaborate with different members and societies globally and build a strong community that may provide scientific solutions.
  • In ACS the speciality of the organisation is that the members get access to the broader network that helps in the studies of a particular aspect. They proudly mean it as no other organisation in the world can match this.

The ACS Scholars program, they are doing a very good job as they are helping a major portion of students by providing them with financial aid. This scholars program has been kept for a whopping amount of $5,000 which can be used by the student for various educational-related expenses. 

The ACS Scholars program is renewable means that the student who is already getting the benefits from this scholarship can renew it further if they satisfy the minimum criteria. 

This is provided to undergraduate students which are historically underrepresented groups. The scholarship seeks that the student must be in the field of chemical sciences and majoring in a chemistry-related discipline.

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Eligibility or Prerequisites for the ACS Scholars Program

So far, we have understood various facts about the ACS Scholars program. Now let’s see some of the important criteria for the ACS Scholars program.

  • To apply for the scholarship application you have to be a lawful citizen of the United States of America or have legal residency.
  • You must be black, Latina, Hispanic or Indigenous or you must be Native American, Alaskan, Hawaiian or Pacific islander.
  • You must be graduating high school, college freshman, sophomore or junior,
  • Must have a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher.
  • You must be a full-time student of high school, an accredited college or university, or a community college.
  • All those students can apply who are intending to pursue their careers in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and another chemistry-related field.  


Q. How can we apply for the ACS Scholars program?

The applicant who wants to apply for the scholarship program can follow this link.

All the students intend to pursue a career in chemistry-related fields. This scholarship program has proudly funded over 3,500 students by now.

What are the necessary documents required for the ACS scholars program?

The student has different documents to successfully apply for the scholarship program.
1. The student has to provide unofficial transcripts. The transcripts must involve the fall semester grades, or in case you are a college freshman, you need to submit high school and college transcripts. All these documents must be uploaded in a PDF document with the student’s full name and the institution’s name.
2. The applicant has to submit two letters of recommendation. One of them must come from a research advisor, and the second must be from a chemistry or math teacher.
3. The student has to submit a copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR). This report is provided to the student after successfully submitting the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. 

What is the award associated with the ACS Scholars program?

The total award is available for a maximum of 350 students this year. A maximum of $5,000 is awarded to each successful student.

What are the important dates associated with the ACS scholars program?

1. In December 2023, the application was made available to all the students.
2. On March 2024, the application deadline is kept, beyond this date you can not submit your application form.
3. In March 2024, the results of the scholarship will be announced.
4. On August 2024, the check for the scholarship money will be sent.

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