Ashoka Grant by Khyentse Foundation – Apply Online, Important Dates

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By Hrishi

This is a very special and one-of-a-kind grant which aims to promote dharma around the world. As the main motive of the Khyentse Foundation Ashoka Grant, the person or organization needs assistance and guidance in spreading harmony and positivity across the world in the form of dharma.

Ashoka Grant by Khyentse Foundation grant

Ashoka grant is a very unique way to increase and influence dharma activities around the world. Every individual or in this case an organisation also, if they are seeking methods to preserve and spread the dharma activities in an innovative and enduring way. This grant is considered solely for this purpose only, while Buddhist Studies Scholarship and all the individual practices are not part of this grant.

They have mentioned that to be able to get Khyentse Foundation Ashoka Grant you can be either student, scholar, translator (who can successfully translate Buddhist studies), or even if you practise religious retreat and can belong from anywhere in this world. Once they receive these applications, they will be reviewed by an international committee that will be appointed by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

Purpose of Khyentse Foundation Ashoka Grant

The main aim of the Khyentse Foundation Ashoka Grant is to identify and support those individuals who can increase dharma activity around the world in their unique way. The idea behind this is this organisation is actively supporting those organisations who are responsible to do an in-depth study into topics which are related to Buddhism. As Buddhist culture is known for spreading peace and harmony around the world, hence this organisation is looking for those individuals or organisations who can do the same by closely related to Buddhist preaching.

To give you a clear idea of what Buddhist preaching means it can be if you are writing a Buddhist story for children, second would be if you are translating Buddhist text into your local language etc. You can choose any topic but it should relate to Buddhism and spreading peace and harmony by spreading the dharma.

In case you are filling out the application to get Khyentse Foundation Ashoka Grant your application must be in accordance with what we have discussed till now. If your business or study falls outside this category like you are in construction or making films for spreading peace and harmony but not the way this grant wants your field of study to be, the application will not be entertained.

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How to fill out the application to get Khyentse Foundation Ashoka Grant

Once you are under the category which we have discussed now in this blog, you need to explain your purpose of studies and present it to the KF Ashoka grants committee.

When can I fill out the application and the worth of the grant?

The grant value depends on the strength of the proposal that you have submitted to the KF Ashoka grants committee. They will determine the scope of your studies that has to involve Buddhism. They will also try to understand the needs of the project, as per the committee the grant value should define the actual scope of the study. Usually, it ranges between $1000 to $5000.

This type of grant application is accepted by the KF Ashoka grants committee twice a year. The first batch of applications can be filled between January 15 to February 15 of the year. The second batch of the application can be filled between July 15 to August 15 of the year. They have mentioned this time on their official website, they will accept the midnight eastern time on case of last day of submission of the application and after that, the applications will not be accepted.

Who can not apply for this grant?

By now we have seen all those who can be eligible to fill out this grant application. It might be possible you to seek for this grant and not fall in the eligible category,

  • If you are into building and constructing things and if you fill out this grant application form then there are chances it may get rejected.
  • In case your application is not properly filled and you are failed to explain the scope of your study and the budget required to do that.
  • As we are mentioning again and again that Buddhism and Buddhist culture should be the base of your grant application form. If it is not then there are greater chances of rejection.
  • In case you have already applied for Ashoka Grant your application will be rejected.
  • You should be able to write your application for this grant in English. They are not open to other languages.

However, getting full funding for the proposals is not possible all the time, partial funding may be offered to some of the applicants. This organisation works on the donation given to KF for doing dharma activities, so the funding might have some ups and downs. The successful applicant who will be getting this grant will be notified after four months of the deadline.

Visit and register to fill out your application for the grant.

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