SRD Banking Details Change: How Can We Change our Banking Details for SASSA SRD?

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South African Social Security Agency, also known as SASSA, administers the Special Social Relief of Distress payments and offers financial assistance to people living in South Africa during these tough times. The payment amount often revolves around R350, which helps in providing relief to people who are facing difficulties related to economics. To get the amount easily into the account, beneficiaries must update their SRD Banking Details.

The reason behind maintaining accurate and up-to-date banking information is that it ensures that the payment of grants is distributed efficiently and precisely along with keeping the amount safe from fraudulent activities. It will also ensure that the correct person is getting the funds directly. In case readers want to make any changes in the SRD Bakng Details, then they can take the guide of the following article.

SRD Banking Details Change: How to Change Your Banking Details for SASSA SRD?

SRD Banking Details Change

The mission of the SASSA is to distribute grants, including Social Relief of Distress, to unprivileged sections of South Africa. It also includes old age, foster care, child support, war veterans and more. The concerned authority issues an online platform to candidates to update their respective Banking Details along with multiple payment methods to make sure timely payments are being received by recipients.

There are a limited number of particulars that can be changed by the beneficiaries. The details can be changed online as well as via mobile phone. Applicants can also use offline methods to change their SRD Banking details. However, they need to visit the respective offices to complete the process. Check out details like the significance of changing the details, the process to change the SRD Banking Details, and more in the following article. Banking Details Change: An Overview

Name of the AgencySouth African Social Security Agency
Name of the FundSocial Relief of Distress
SRD AmountR350
LocationSouth Africa
Official Website

How can we change our Banking Details for SASSA SRD Online?

Users who are still not aware of the procedure which can help them in changing the SRD Banking Details can read the following section. Here is the detailed step-by-step guide which will shortly change the banking details:

  • First of all, go to the official website of the SASSA SRB using the relevant website link address.
  • Once, you click on that link, the home page of the same web portal will open on the respective screen.
  • Now, you will have to choose the section according to the type of the ID.
  • There will be two options available for the recipients i.e., to log in through the South African ID or Asylum Seeker/ Permit Holder.
  • Once, the login process is completed, scroll down the page and locate the option named How do I change my banking details?
  • After successfully finding the link, check the printed details on it carefully, Now, you must enter your ID number and then tap the submit option.
  • After a few seconds, an SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the received security code in the available space and submit it to complete the verification procedure.
  • Finally, the form will appear and you will be allowed to make changes in the SRD Banking Details.
  • Recheck the entered details and submit them to update the new information.

How to change SRD Banking Details Through Mobile?

In case, individuals do not know how to use the internet efficiently then they can take the help of the following paragraph. Here, we are going to provide the process which can be used by aspirants to change their banking details via mobile phone:

  • To start the process, first, everyone must know the contact number of the concerned authority i.e., 0800 601 011.
  • Enter the number on your dial pad and dial it to proceed with the process further.
  • After that, you must select the language in which you want to get details.
  • There will be multiple options. Enter the relevant number available for “SRD Grant Enquiries”.
  • Later on, the automated system’s prompts and instructions will be said on the mobile, follow them carefully.
  • Afterwards, you must connect with the live agent and request them to update your respective banking account details,
  • Verify your account by providing the ID along with some other essential information regarding the bank account,
  • Furthermore, you must verify that the mobile number used to change the banking details is registered under the SASSA application.
  • Provide all the updated SRD Banking Details and recheck them before finalising the submission and the process will be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the waiting period for SRD Banking Details to change?

The waiting period for accounting details changes to be verified and approved by the authority is typically seven to ten days. During the waiting period, SASSA verifies the correctness of the updated banking details against the beneficiary’s information.

What are the requirements for SRD Banking Details Change?

Personal details, banking account information, and contact details will be needed while changing the details online or offline.

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