5 Popular Data Analytics Certifications: Your 2024 Guide

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By Hrishi

Popular Data Analytics Certifications: Data Analytics is a complex term getting popular in today’s business world. As we have entered the 21st century, the need for information consumption is getting high daily.

This is also known as the internet-revolutionized century; over half of the global population is working and spending most of their time on the internet sitting in front of their electronic gadget, be it a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Data Analytics Certifications
Data Analytics Certifications

As we consume so much information daily, this information and attention can be used for various other benefits. The first and foremost benefit that can come out of it is its advantage in the business world.

Companies around the globe are utilizing this immensely generated data to identify trends, changes in style, viral figures, forecast, etc.

This is how the use of Data Analytics came into existence; in the field of Data Analytics, engineers and Data Experts gather this raw data, study it, utilize different tools and software to it, and make it feasible to make it understandable to the business world stakeholders to take a well-informed decision.

How is data generated, and what are its interpretation and uses?

People are sitting on the internet to find some information. They are super active using all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

They also buy online clothes, electronic items, academic courses, and insurance; this list is never-ending. Daily we are witnessing a new platform that provides different services or products.

While doing all of these activities as mentioned above, we are generating data, which is raw and unprocessed; how? Let us find out.

While doing transactional activities, buying something online, filling out an online form, or creating a social media profile. The user knowingly or unknowingly provides various data to that particular platform.

Other than some explicit details, most of the data is encrypted and safe. But as users tend to provide information about their likes, personalities, demographics, income, etc., this information is stacked upon the serves. It can be further utilized in the field of data analytics.

The data that floats over the internet or various other platforms can be mismanaged and senseless. As a data analyst, you must study data utilizing helping tools and machine language and create a system that can interpret and forecast trends.

This can be very helpful as the companies can make informative and précised decisions based on their findings.

What is data analytics?

The term data analytics is a wide term, meaning it is a collection of different applications that can generate business intelligence (BI) in different reporting formats and online analytical processing (OLAP), which is connected to different advanced analytics.

In simpler terms, it acts as a bridge between companies wanted to make some advanced decisions based on the finding of data they have gathered over some time. The data analyst team uses various tools and various pictorial representation software to represent the data and successfully feed the correct information.

How does data analytics help the business worldwide?

As we draw the importance of this field and its emergence and criticality, we can understand how it helps industries worldwide.

This is the build-up part of the blog where we are drawing your attention toward the importance, use, and scope of data analytics and how it is changing the global market.

  • The first and foremost importance of data analytics is how it can help businesses around the world increase their revenues, improve their operational efficiency, better connect with the needs of their customers or improve their customer services.
  • The second most effective that this branch has shown as it will help businesses to increase their efficiency in terms of new emerging market trends, be better able to predict the viral trends of the market, and gain a competitive edge over competitors.
  • What data analytics does by identifying the pattern and trends in the data is that they process this data with some real-time analytics tools and help to forecast or predict the happenings.

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How to enter the field of Data Analytics?

By now, we believe you are interested and ready to dive deep into the field of data analytics to boost your career and start it on a positive note. One must follow some basic steps or protocols to enter the field of data analytics and excel forward.

Get the necessary education

To enter the field of data analytics, most places still give an upper hand to the necessary degree of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science.

As the demand in this field increases now, companies have started to take candidates for an entry-level jobs based on their knowledge, experience in the relevant field, and also a relevant degree, for example, an advanced degree in the field of math, computer science, or another related field.

While after your graduation, if you seriously feel that you want to opt for this field for your career, you need to enhance your skills by doing various certifications, which we have mentioned later on in this blog. You can also do professional programs, boot camps, and online courses.

Gain necessary skills

You must have good presentation, communication, and technical skills as a data analyst. As you do the necessary certifications in the field, you start brushing up your skills. Being a data analyst, you need to well versed with,

  • Statistics
  • R (open source) or Python language.
  • Structured Query Language or SQL,
  • Tableau.
  • MS Office.
  • Statistical Analysis System or SAS.
  • Data cleaning and preparation.

Work on live projects at an entry-level

You can work on a basic level as an intern and get hands-on experience with live data. Working on live data helps and shapes the career of an individual immensely.

While working as an intern, you can soak in the experience and knowledge from seniors, colleagues, and the overall department. This is not the end of the world; free data is available on the internet, such as from NASA, Buzz feed, and various environmental data.

You can use this data, develop your algorithms and interpretations using various forecasting tools, and gain experience handling big data.

Developing your portfolio, being able to present your findings, and finding an entry-level job

Building a portfolio will help you get an entry-level job. It is the best way to showcase your skills as you put your hands on the data available on the internet and do some college or certification-based assignments.

You can keep the necessary findings in your portfolio, which may include scraping the data from various online sources, cleaning and assembling the data, presenting the necessary data through charts and graphs, and preparing a presentation where you can give your findings.

While you can identify the data, you need to have very good communication and presentation skills. Finding the necessary information can be the beginning, but successfully demonstrating and explaining it to everyone is also expected from you.

You may be eligible to get an entry-level job after gaining all the necessary skills and hands-on experience with live data.

Always enhance your skills and do the necessary certifications.

As you enter the field of data analytics, you need to advance your technical skills and enhance them by getting the necessary certifications. 

Getting a certification not only helps you gain the necessary knowledge and experience but also shows your proactivity in enhancing your knowledge. This can result in gaining some good faith from the recruiter and will also help in the future of your career.

5 Necessary Data Analytics Certification 

Doing a certification course in data analytics boosts your career in every aspect. However, you must dig deep and find the same course you want to pursue and dedicate your time to. Nowadays, there are over 100s of certificates or diploma courses available.

While doing a master’s in the field of data analytics can cost up to 30 credits or one year to graduate. This timeframe can be very challenging to some as they also have other commitments to fulfill.

But now, as most of the certification validity is extended up to 6 to 24 months, one can easily do that certification and give the necessary examination. 

Some of the certification courses below can help you establish yourself in the field of data analytics and excel.

Cornell University Data Analytics Certification

  • The duration of this certification course is of 3 months. Students must spend 3 to 5 hours a week on this course.
  • This certification course will cost you $3600 at a time.
  • This is an online course that Cornell University is offering.
  • You can enroll in the course if you are a business analyst, consultant, or functional manager.

MIT Sloan Applied Business Analytics

  • The duration of this certification course is of 6 weeks. Students must spend 4 to 6 hours a week on this course.
  • This certification course will cost you $2800 at a time.
  • This is an online course that MIT University is offering.
  • If you are a senior executive, business head, consultant, or functional manager, then you can enroll in the course.

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

  • The duration of this certification course is of 6 months
  • This certification course will cost you $39 per month.
  • This is an online course that Google is offering.
  • This certificate is a flexible online course providing a basic introduction to data analytics.

IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate

  • The duration of this certification course is between 8 to 11 months
  • This certification course will cost you $39 per month.
  • This is an online course that IBM is offering.
  • This certificate helps develop a working knowledge of SQL, Python, Excel, and IBM Congo analytics.

AWS Certified Data Analytics

This advanced certificate level will cost you $300 for the exam. To do this certification, you must pass the Amazon DAS-01 certificate exam.

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