Presidential Scholarship: Eligibility Criteria, Application Process

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By Adam Winch

Presidential Scholarship: The United States Presidential Scholarship is a completely worthy initiative. The program benefits excellent high school senior students for their achievements.

It was established in 1964, and it has expanded through time to provide benefits to a variety of students. Approx 161 candidates are chosen to be presidential scholars annually. The screening committee searches for pupils with powerful academic records.

Presidential Scholarship

These children are the ones who perform outstandingly academically, have leadership skills, and are dedicated to their community and school. They might also consider pursuing careers in the arts or professional fields of study.

About Presidential Scholarship

The program does not offer scholarships to students. However, it does present them with other fantastic options. Approval for the program is a huge honour that is respected all across the globe.

A sponsored visit to Washington, D.C. is given to learners who are selected for Presidential Fellows. Participants receive a medallion during a special award ceremony held there at the White House.

In addition, they go to concerts, honours events, museums and galleries, and landmarks. While in D.C., learners communicate with notable professors and members of the government. Authors and musicians are also there. The opportunity for participants to network with outstanding work from throughout the nation is the highlight of the trip.

Presidential Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

  • All excellence prizes as well as other advantages are open for qualifying non-citizens, legal residents, and natives of the U.S.
  • The Board and Presidential Awards are given consideration to international applicants.
  • The candidate needs to be a new student with a high school GPA of at least 3.8 and then be enrolled in the regular 12th class.
  • Scholarships aren’t given based on test results. Applicants who fail to present their standardized test results won’t be selected in the financial aid package selection process.

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High School Selection Criteria

According to a real identity, as shown in the country’s Student Information Management Systems, every institution would recommend a maximum of two students (one girl and one boy).

Children who have already excelled academically in addition to other ways as members of their inclusive classrooms and could not elsewhere be considered via present ACT/ SAT or arts honors United States Presidential Fellows systems may well be viewed by the institution.

Applicants should possess a record of excellence in both their academic and extracurricular activities. They may also be given optional credit for remarkable success, a lot of effort, having a family, or overcoming challenges.

Advantages of the Presidential Scholarship

  • The Presidential Scholarship is given annually by the Committee of Entrance to its upcoming 1st-year children who have displayed extraordinary academic success.
  • Presidential Scholars are one of the brightest students technically, but they also go above and beyond their duty to inspire their communities and classrooms.
  • It’s indeed possible to complete up to 4 years of a college education at BU with this $25,000 financial grant.

Presidential Scholarship Application Process

  1. For registration, learners must obtain approval. They might be unable to submit the application form by themselves. Candidates for such a program who satisfy the previous requirements may be selected.
  2. A request to participate in this program may come in a variety of forms.
  3. One method is by inviting applicants who had the best ACT/ SAT scores.
  4. While the other is through receiving a top state educational officer’s nomination.
  5. Receiving a nomination from an organizing committee is a 3rd option.
  6. Additional ways for nominating candidates pursuing arts, careers, and technical training exist. To still be recognized, an art applicant must be a YoungArts participant. Up to sixty National Young Arts Plan participants are chosen for the Scholarship Program.
  7. The CSSO of the participant’s technical and vocational school makes the nomination. A maximum of five individuals will be put forward by each CSSO for this scholarship program.

The Commissioner will take the ultimate decision after the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education staff has reviewed all applications and chosen a group of candidates to submit to him/ her.

The participant’s selection like a Presidential Scholarship nominee is not guaranteed by recommendation. The children carry on to the following phase after being nominated by Commissioner, where the National Program Review Panel evaluates all state-wise candidates.

The Presidential Program will open invitations to such candidates who were chosen via that initial screening to participate in the following session throughout the springtime. The set of finalists will be used to select the Presidential Scholarships.

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FAQs on Presidential Scholarship

Is it necessary to sign up for summer classes?

Summertime enrollment in courses is elective. The funding will instantly be reimbursed for such cost of the education if students decide to register for summer courses.

Will the digit of praise that the Presidential Scholarship can support be capped at a certain amount?

The Presidential Scholarship only covers a limited amount of terms, not a max limit of college credits.

Will the part of the Presidential Scholarship that I never utilized be refunded?

No, the amount of the scholarship is a non-refundable educational exemption that solely uses for education.

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