Determining Pattern Element Contribution in Medical Datasets

Shillabeer, A. and Pfitzner, D.

    Presented are two novel solutions addressing issues in the application of automated data analysis techniques in the medical domain. The primary aim of our work is to provide medical practitioners with patterns which can inform, and facilitate the development of subjective judgements regarding the content of those patterns. This is achieved by changing the focus of information evaluation and presentation from the broad pattern level to the finer pattern element level. We believe that our solutions provide a more informative pattern description than that of current data mining applications and also provide an opportunity for medical practitioners to increase the quality of care provided and create savings both in human and financial terms.
Cite as: Shillabeer, A. and Pfitzner, D. (2007). Determining Pattern Element Contribution in Medical Datasets. In Proc. Australasian Workshop on Health Knowledge Management and Discovery (HKMD 2007), Ballarat, Australia. CRPIT, 68. Roddick, J. F. and Warren, J. R., Eds. ACS. 233-240.
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