Information for Editors

Suggestions for conferences to be included in the series should to be submitted to the series editor who will decide on the appropriateness of the conference. In broad terms, the conference will be required to:

  1. Have a programme committee with international membership, comprised of recognised active researchers in the field,
  2. Referee all submitted papers in full (although additional abstracts and posters can be included - they will be listed as such),
  3. Be advertised and open to researchers internationally,
  4. Have in place suitable quality control mechanisms that ensure that the quality of the papers included in the volume is acceptable. For conferences this will normally include an acceptance rate of at most 50%.

CRPIT Volumes are printed on A4 paper from camera-ready, electronically submitted manuscripts. An agreed number of copies of the volume will be provided to the conference organisers to act as conference proceedings as well as being made available through on CD Rom and through the website after the event.

Copyright will normally be assigned to ACS (exceptions to this exist for Government work) although authors retain the right to reproduce their own work subject to inclusion of the CRPIT copyright notice.

Providing Information for Authors

It is essential that authors are provided with the correct information and this is most conveniently achieved by adding the following text to your call for papers website:

<tr><td><a href=""><img border=0 height=80 
 </td><td><font face="Arial">The proceedings of this event 
will be published by the <a href="">ACS</a> as 
<b>Volume xx, tttttttttttt</b> in the <a href="">
CRPIT Series</a>.  The formatting requirements and resources for authors can 
be found on the <a href="">CRPIT Authors Page</a> 
together with a list of all <a href="">
upcoming volumes </a>.  </font></td></tr>

Which produces:

The proceedings of this event will be published by the ACS as Volume xx, tttttttttttt in the CRPIT Series. The formatting requirements and resources for authors can be found on the CRPIT Authors Page together with a list of all upcoming volumes.


The ACS publishes the CRPIT series as a non-profit making adjunct to the JRPIT. However, any costs associated with each volume will be the responsibility of the Organising Committee of each conference. (This includes those volumes being paid for, or underwritten by, the the ACS.) Costs of a CRPIT Volume are dependent on the number of copies required by the organisers and the number of pages in the volume.

Indicative costs can be worked out using the Excel Spreadsheet provided below. The costs are for black and white printing (although, of course, any colours in the camera ready copy will be included on the website). Colour is available at a rate of $240 per single colour page (excl. GST) for just a few pages in a volume. If the whole volume is to be colour then an alternative price can be calculated.

CRPIT Costs Spreadsheet as at September 2007.


Summary of Responsibilities

Organising/Programme Committee Responsibilities

  • All non-proceedings related activities (including calls);
  • All liaison with refereeing committee;
  • Ensuring the academic standard of the papers;
  • Ensuring the typographical styles required are promulgated;
  • Ensuring that the agreed deadlines are adhered to;
  • Payment of all costs associated with printing;
  • Ensuring that copyright transferral forms are completed;
  • Distribution of proceedings to conference attendees.

  • Providing in a reasonable timeframe all material needed to complete the front and back matter, including:
  • Optionally, the cover artwork of the volume (according to CRPIT standards) may be produced by the Organising/Programme Committee when printing locally;

    CRPIT Responsibilities

  • The collation of the volume including the generation of the index and contents pages;
  • Cover artwork of Volume (according to CRPIT standards);
  • Printing (see note above relating to online only and offsite printing);
  • Delivery to conference venue or nominated delivery point (costs borne by Organising/Programme Committee);
  • Arranging for abstracting of volume and uploading to digital libraries;
  • Promulgation of further copies to CRPIT subscribers and the National Library of Australia and other statutory archives;

    Author Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that the paper is in the acceptable format and submitted on time as required;
  • The academic quality of the paper;
  • Completing the copyright transferral form.

  • See also Procedures and Resources for Authors.

    Time Lines

  • Allow 2 weeks for initial decision regarding inclusion in the series to be made;
  • Printing ...
  • Allow 3 working days for delivery.
  • Allow for the fact that most printers close for two weeks over Christmas.